IBM stops work on facial recognition over human rights concerns

man with green blue and yellow powder on his faceAs CNBC noted, its relatively easy for IBM to back out when facial recognition wasnt a significant factor to its bottom line. The media buzz may be as essential as anything. IBM is still a significant company, however, and it frequently deals with governments. This might stimulate other suppliers to follow suit, and might even get some would-be customers to drop facial recognition completely.

Krishnas letter belonged to a broader contact Congress to promote broader cops accountability and perform reforms, consisting of some that were currently part of the recently introduced Justice in Policing Act of 2020.

The move is available in the midst of demonstrations over police cruelty and discrimination, and not long after Clearview AIs facial acknowledgment raised privacy and predisposition problems. More than one report has suggested that facial recognition systems can be biased versus non-whites and females, especially if the training information consists of fairly few people from those groups. And while some facial recognition systems may only associate faces with publicly available information, there are concerns this could be used for tracking and profile generation that might be utilized to intimidate people or otherwise restrict their real-world privacy.

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