I am a Code Maker.

Software developer sounds like more of the same, however with a product for sale at the end. And consultant is, in the minds of numerous, simply someone who does not have a “task”. Go into “maker”. To quote Wikipedia: ” The maker culture is a contemporary culture or subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY […]

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How To Plan For The Design Of Your Website

by Web Designer After you have check your content thoroughly, it is all set to be introduced. You now have an existence on the internet. One of the first things you need to do is to choose who your audience is going to be. The type of audience in your target will influence how your […]

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Why I Like Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet Not to proclaim my own horn or slap myself on the back too much, however I am terrific when it comes to marketing theory. I have likewise creating my own marketing theory that I apply to my marketing efforts. I constantly attempt to hit the fundamentals and the emotional side of an […]

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The “Evils” of Capitalism

It is soooo ironic that the most of the world is trending far from socialism towards capitalism, while we are doing simply the opposite. Look at the incredible success of socialist Venezuela. And socialist Greece. I love this. I think actions do speak louder than words. Or, I guess in this case, actions make the […]

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The Magic Of Sound Web Design

by Web Designer The mechanics of the site style must enable for crisp and quick pagination so that things are not held up in between pages and sub pages. Viewers do not like to wait, even for seconds. Images need to be enhanced so that the load very quickly and not hold up the rest […]

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Has Google Panda Changed Social Media Marketing?

by Deja Tweet The typical thread was that this content did not add value to the Internet experience of those who were browsing for content that added value to their individual and expert lives. Just a couple of years ago search engine optimization strategies to raise sites greater on search engine ranking outcomes and draw […]

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Basic Concepts Of Web Design

by Web Designer Web style likewise requires to communicate professionalism. Instead of having large gaudy looking banners, and backgrounds that hurt your eyes, you need to develop a website that has a specific intention, that is not to glamorous, but likewise easy on the eyes. By making your site seem done by an expert, even […]

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Reach More Customers With Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet Fantastic content means that the brand name message will be spread out far and wide, bad material, or content that is just stacked to the gills with meaningless keywords will do harm to the brand name. Social network marketing takes advantage of the power of the social networks to spread out the […]

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The 10 Do-Or-Die Rules of Web Design

by Web Designer 1. Constantly KISS The saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid. The most significant error is to overload a website, especially on its index page. Be clear and concise. As an example want to the worlds most successful websites such as Google or Facebook. You only have a few 2nd to engage the […]

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Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is So Necessary

by Deja Tweet The reason that social networks are here to stay is because they keep everyone in contact with one another. Social networks are also a fantastic place to do online marketing. There are several factors why social media marketing is really needed when it comes to making a living on the web. The […]

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