I Am Curious (Jenner)

question mark neon signageThird, the classification included with his “change”. On the Bob and Tom Show the other day they were discussing pronouns and which to use – “he” or “she”. Apparently, once the shift process starts, you are expected to use the pronoun that finest represents the “final result”. Which, in this case, is supposed to be “she” (and “her”).

First, Jenners age comes to mind. 65. Retirement age. Is he retiring from being a guy? Or, just retiring from being the Kardashians court jester? Is he still a jester in a different form?

Male, I hate participating this entire Caitlyn Jenner thing, but I cant help it. Its kinda like seeing a train wreck. I expect if it wasnt associated with the household “well-known for being popular”, it may be various – I dont know. Here goes …

Second, his heterosexuality (which they claim s/he still is). I take that to imply s/he still likes females. So, is s/he now a “transgender lesbian”?

My thought – should not we utilize the pronoun “they” (and them)? After all, arent we really speaking about 2 people here?

When I first pointed out the new name to my partner, her first reaction was, “why is he messing up such a stunning name?”. I expect thats one way to take a look at it (obviously she does not authorize of this kinda thing at all).

Man, I dislike getting in on this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing, however I cant help it. I expect if it wasnt related to the family “famous for being well-known”, it might be different – I do not understand. Apparently, once the transition procedure starts, you are supposed to utilize the pronoun that finest represents the “end product”. Which, in this case, is expected to be “she” (and “her”).


Those are my thoughts (such as they are). I know, pretty stupid. Or, are they?

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