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I Am Curious (Jenner)

Third, the classification included with his “change”. On the Bob and Tom Show the other day they were discussing pronouns and which to use – “he” or “she”. Apparently, once the shift process starts, you are expected to use the pronoun that finest represents the “final result”. Which, in this case, is supposed to be […]

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Instant Contact Database

I scanned the WordPress repository for “forms” generator plugins, and I ran across Contact Form DB. At very first I believed it was another kind generator, however after checking out a bit more, it clearly was not. Given that Im using the Socrates WordPress Theme for this project, I chose to attempt it out with […]

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Word of the Day: User Story

A user story is a tool utilized in Agile software advancement (see definition listed below) to catch a description of a software application feature from an end-user perspective. The user story describes the type of user, what they desire and why. A user story helps to produce a simplified description of a requirement. Agile software […]

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