The Skinny Rules

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I have never had an issue – really – with obesity. But, ever since I turned 50, the bodyfat has been much easier to come by :(.  So, I’m putting together this list of tips I want to follow. This will be a reminder, and I made it a static page so it won’t go away.

As Tim Ferris noted in The 4-Hour Body – any legitimate diet will work (it’s a numbers game)  if it is actually followed and reinforced with the proper feedback and tracking.

As I find more, I will add them here (or remove those that don’t work).

The Skinny Rules

  • Drink as few calories as possible. I don’t do this much anyway, but I need to cut down on calorie intake from beer and wine. If it means going with Miller 64 and light white wines, so be it.
  • Intense exercise daily. Best way is to integrate exercise/movement into your daily routine. In my case – bicycle commuting.
  • I absolutely have to cut down on eating potato and tortilla chips. For whatever reason, I can scarf them down like nobody’s business.
  • From the book “Thin For Life” (or, at least I think that’s where I read it): Thin people are always aware of the consequences of eating a particular food, and compensate by not eating something else. If they are craving pie, they may order it and just skip the rest of the meal. Fat people also eat the pie, but then reason that they “should” eat the regular meal anyways.


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