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Instant Contact Database

I found a pretty cool plugin that does something that I wish I’d thought of – Contact Form DB ‘saves’ the results of a contact or other form (apparently any form) to a database.

I found it while researching recent project I was engaged in for a charity website, Idaho Arthritis Walk. They wanted a simple method for trapping demographic details of registrants for their upcoming Walk/Run in August, 2015.

I scanned the WordPress repository for “forms” generator plugins, and I ran across Contact Form DB. At first I thought it was another form generator, but after reading a bit more, it clearly was not.

The plugin already has ‘hooks’ for the most common contact forms (Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and numerous others), but it also includes a generic shortcode for other forms (like I said, apparently any other form). I just had to try it out.

Since I’m using the Socrates Wordpress Theme for this project, I decided to try it out with Socrates’ built-in form generator. I created a form that would do the bare-bones minimum for the client, and after I felt the layout was OK, I added the Socrates contact form shortcode to a page. Then, I followed it up the Contact Form DB shortcode.

I sent myself an contact message, and voila, there was a record in the database with all of my form fields and values. Seriously cool.

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