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Comment on Is WordPress a CMS? by P H.

Which Content Management System To Utilize For A Multi-User Site? I have a concept for a multi-user site and am looking for suggestions on which CMS to move forward with. I have made multiple sites through drag-and-drop content management systems like Weebly, as I have limited HTML/CSS experience and no PHP experience.

I am looking for a drag-and-drop CMS that is capable of allowing users to have their own username/password/login, preferably with an individualized interface similar to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (but doesn’t necessarily have to be an individualized interface — e.g. Reddit/forum-based). I would also like it to be capable of functionality such as sharing to social networks, or if not that, the ability to “+1” topics similarly to that of Reddit. If learning WordPress or the like is necessary, then that is the route I will head, but I’d like to keep things as code-free as possible for the time being if that is a plausible option.

I also realize that hosting, etc. could become an issue long-term via simple content management systems, but am willing to risk that for the time being. Any guidance/direction would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can answer any questions or clarify anything.

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