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Why Does This Circuit Not Work In MultiSim Yet It …

Comment on Why GoDaddy Hosting Rocks! by Brandon Braun.

Why Does This Circuit Not Work In MultiSim Yet It Works In Real Life? I recently acquired multisim so i could “build” my circuits and test them before i actually physically build them….anyways, i decided to test this circuit here on the program

and according to the designer of the circuit, it works beautifully…yet on the Multi Sim, i put a 1khz 1v peak A.C waveform on the input for the circuit and when i ran the simulation, the output was majorly distorted! there are so many spikes and dips on it i could hardly tell it from the original waveform! and yet i copied the circuit exactly, part for part….what is going on here? how can the simulation say the circuit stinks and yet it apparently works perfectly in real life?

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