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Many people have their own ideas of how their webpage should look and what purpose it has to how it should look. Whether it be for blogging purposes, corporate purposes, for business promotion or purely a bit of fun, we all want our web design to be professional, effective and great, right?

Identifying Your Audience
Firstly you’ve got to identify what the needs are for your website, is it for business – if so who is your audience? Are they middle aged? Male? Unemployed? You’ve got to cater for what you think would be appropriate to gain and keep the attention of your viewers. Choose a color scheme to suit the audience, and either downgrade or upgrade your language dialect to ensure accurate communication!

Choosing A Web Design Layout
How do you want your site to look? There are plenty of word press softwares available now as well as graphic design software that can let your website be as professional and sophisticated as you feel it needs to be. Whether you need a large title to keep attention, it can be made to be user friendly or stylish etc.

Many word press softwares allow you to choose from a theme which you may feel will be suitable within your web design.

How Must I Design My Website?
You must design your website for the needs of the customer. Is it informative? If so, you may need to choose a font that is clear to read, not a clashing colour with the background and not just a huge chunk of text, so it is easier to digest for the reader. You must keep their attention and therefore you’ve got to make it user-friendly!

Do not scare the user away by not taking full advantage of all the website’s space that is available. They want to be able to see all of the features of the website to quickly navigate around your page. They do not want to spend a few minutes looking for the tab they’re after, they want to be able to do it in seconds, or you could run the risk of losing that viewer.

Your website must look professional if it is for business purposes, you’ve got to look reputable. There are so many dodgy website owners around that duplicate even the largest, most reputable company websites worldwide, and therefore a lot of viewers that are willing to purchase something online will assess if they trust the website.

Your website has got to look appealing if it is professionalism you are aiming for. A clear layout with clear text and subtle color themes are perfect for this type.

You must always establish what web design look you are going for before starting on any homepage. You must assess what you are going for – large amount of content or subtlety? A web design can make it easier for you to do this, and remember you must always make the website user friendly for your target group of viewers, or they might not be interested!

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