Creating Your Own Website

Creating Your Own Website

by Web Designer

There is hardly any business model that does not serve itself better to have its own website on the Internet. The Internet is so wildly integrated with modern day business operations, that a key component to any business success requires instant access to the company website. It provides the opportunity for the business to display any pertinent information concerning their services or products.

Many companies will develop their own website, and/or blog, along with the long list of links to every service or product they provide. To be successful, that website needs to be SEO friendly. This is the easiest way to get a higher ranking, and drive more traffic to the site. The simplest way to create your own website is to use a template that is often a free component of the content management system available on sites that offer free webpages and blogging sites.

A Website Template

A simple solution from having to build a website from scratch, or to hire another individual to do it for you, is to use a pre-made site template. These are available online, as a standalone program, or offered by free website companies including WordPress and Blogger the template is easy to modify and does not require any programming knowledge. It can be installed without any additional separate software, allowing you to create the site, and continually update it instantly.

Domains and Website Hosting

Web Design

More than likely, your new website will require its own domain host, along with a web host. Many companies offer both of these services as a package. However, they can be utilizes different services, where you purchase your domain from one company, and use the other company for web hosting. Recognize that once you purchase a domain name, it is yours to use at any location on the site, with any website hosting company, even if you purchased it somewhere else.

The cost for a domain name is usually based on an annual fee of approximately or more. Web hosting is a service that is offered on a monthly basis, on a variety of different plans. Each plan offers a specific amount of server space and available bandwidth. Therefore, if you know that your website will be experiencing high levels of traffic, you are likely in need of purchasing a plan with extra bandwidth. Many of these plans can be upgraded, as the business grows.

Search Engines

No matter what your website is about, or how it is designed, a search engine will automatically located the moment any additional or new content is uploaded to the site. However, there are specific things you can do to bump up your ratings and rankings in the search engine results. By adding a site description, along with meta-tags, and other effective SEO tricks, including keywords and key phrases, you can improve how the search engines find you online, and display your rankings in search engine results.

The process of web design is easy, with available programs that require no knowledge in coding or programming. Take the first step in perform your website design to get your company on the Internet today.

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  1. rmc connect Reply

    Hi Yogendra ! it was nice feeling when i watching your video, last week i
    downloaded your all vides and i referred it and i learn how to develop
    website in drupal and even i have developed very nice website in drupal so
    these all credits are going to you, so thank you very much again and no the
    question is that i want to ask you that now i want to host the this website
    i had never try to host the drupal site so, i am requesting you that if you
    know how to host the drupal site then please tell me or if possible then
    make a video on it, it will very usable for all.

    Thanking you,

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  2. farhan quadri Reply

    Hi yogi This is Farhan your Drupal basic tutorial is absolutly great it
    helps me lot thank you so much for giving us a nice tutorial i need one
    favour can you please provide us hooks related tutorial that how we can add
    modules how we can create custome mode and .info module Thanx in advance

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  3. Durgesh Pandey Reply

    I need your mobile no., is it possible because i wanna talk to you for
    about some projects . and you have uploaded 23 Videos that i have so how
    can i get more videos of Drupal of your side. My mobile no. is 9015740119.
    So please help me regarding this . i am waiting for your response so please
    revert me as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for all the videos that was
    very nice and your way to teach is awesome.

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  4. Ganesh Halgode Reply

    Hi yogi This is Ganesh. your Drupal tutorial is very nice thank you so
    much .i need one solution on drupal related error i.e
    localhost/drupal/node/any character , then it gives error........
    So please give solution on this error.

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  5. Ranjeet Singh Reply

    Very nice way to teach, sir. Thanks Lot!

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  6. heena nagdev Reply

    Your videos are very good where briefly described all the things, but can
    you guide me to create membership website with drupal.

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  7. Syed Ali Reply

    Undefined index: localized_options in menu_navigation_links() (line 1861 of
    Sir mera drupal 7 yeh error de raha hay or main menu show nahi ker raha hay
    koi solution batain

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  8. abhimanyu singh Reply

    very nice explanation sir

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  9. abhimanyu singh Reply

    please sir aap php k video upload kar denge

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  10. Dinu Pandey Reply

    Please yogendra pal ji help me.

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