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Here’s the deal: it really comes down to 1) if …

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Here’s the deal: it really comes down to 1) if you enjoy it, 2) how hard
you want to work and learn and 3) connections through clients. Just knowing
some HTML and CSS is not enough. Learn all HTML5 and CSS3, some basic PHP,
jQuery (JavaScript), SASS (use a compiler) and the ins and outs of
Wordpress. On the programming side (JavaScript and PHP), you really only
need to focus on the programming that directly relates to the front end
design – make friends with programmers. You’ll need them to “plug-in” to
your front end design if you want to build some heavy stuff.

The most important thing is to have a basic understanding of how everything
“fits” together. Then refine the knowledge with that understanding.

If you’re not interested in the coding process and not intrigued by making
that code work, then you won’t enjoy web design. I think one can be
successful at anything they greatly enjoy- everything else will fall into

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