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Unfortunately you can not adjust a background image size and …

Unfortunately you can not adjust a background image size and ...

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Unfortunately you can not adjust a background image size and it is not a good idea to force browsers to accommodate a certain window size just to show excessively large images.

I would suggest that you set the image to a standard 800 x 600 size or at least maintain an 800 pixel width by maintaining the aspect ratio of the image with its height. You might also think about load times for your large image. I leave a site if the images take too long to load and go elsewhere and I have a fast computer and broadband.

You didn’t mention whether you are using the image for the body background or setting it as a BG for a div container. Either way, you need to resize it.


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Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading style sheets are a programming feature found in web design software systems which allows the general menu, typeface and colors of a web page to be stored as a style. New pages are added quickly and easily, maintaining a consistent style throughout the web site.

falling in a succession like a cascade


Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. Style sheets are simply text files (.css ), composed of lines of code that tell browsers how to display an HTML page. They give the designer more control over the appearance of a webpage by allowing to specifically define styles for elements, such as fonts, on the page. By using CSS one could separate HTML content from its appearance, distinguishing style from structure.

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You can learn how to make a style sheet from

Cascading Style Sheets

In that instance the HTML tag for body has a style attached to it through CSS coding. The result is a black background. The "text/css" is a value indicator for the browser to know its about to read CSS coding. Usually the

In either of these instances the same result will occur. A table with a dotted blue border with a light blue interior background color and black text.

For simplicity its often better to create classes within the

You would then use the classes in your HTML tags like so:

In each instance the

tag will take on the attributes declared in the CSS classes defined in the