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Even if you didnt study psychology but got good grades …

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Even if you didnt study psychology but got good grades you would still be able to get into university for psychology.

They have ucas points where a cartain amount of points are given for a certain grade and when you apply for a course it will say how many points you need to get in e.g. 240.

So it doesnt really matter what subjects you do but it would be more helpful to you if you picked ones that were relevant, i think the ones you have mentioned would be really good and the best ones to do! 🙂

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Relevant Subjects
Depends on what you want to study after leaving school , but Religion has limited application and I would replace it with either a science subject or an English subject Speak to your careers teacher for more help.

Relevant Subjects
Oh, yes. Painting, and all the other arts are very much relevant to today’s society. It’s wonderful you are drawn to Da Vinci and Michelangelo D’Buonarotti. They tend to show up in a lot of places. Da Vinci’s 559th birthday was this week. And still we love his amazing work.

If you want to paint realistically, be sure to find a college that teaches that. Most college art history classes begin with Da Vinci, but you’ll have to take at least art history classes in most colleges. Be sure to take some art history classes from other areas of the world to broaden your view of art in the world. That helps you to identify what is relevant to today’s world.

You can indeed paint realistically and be relevant. That is your journey. As it is for all of us.Your education will give you a foundation to begin this journey.

If you love art, you will find a way to make money at it. You might keep your job for a while to be sure you are providing for yourself. But once you find your muse, your relevancy, your passion, your issues, you will begin to grow your true art career.

Technology does have it’s own place in art. Did you know you can do realistic painting in art programs? I have seen some amazing figure drawing, that was printed on a plotter, by students in the art program I was in. You can use computers to produce your work in any style. Or you can produce techo-themed art by painting it, too. The subject matter, materials, and work is yours. It your method, your concepts that create the art, not the machines. They only follow your direction. Doing that is something you could experiment with in school.

Pursue your dream. As you are just starting, I recommend you look into art festivals. One you can check first is Bayou City Art Festival. Then look into Art Basel in Miami, and any others you can find around the country. Start visiting galleries and museums and asking lots of questions.

Some newsletters you can subscribe to for free are FlavorPill, and ArtDaily.

Relevant Subjects
Oh, yes, history is very relevant.

If you read enough of it, you eventually understand the overall patterns of political power relationships and can see how they repeat themselves (with variations of course!) over and over again. With this insight, you can achieve a deeper understanding of today’s international politics.

A lot of people get turned off to history because in their beginning courses the have to learn the names of the principal actors of history and the dates of wars. This does not give people much insight into the nature of historical processes and quite understandably turns a lot of people off to historical studies.

When I was a freshman in college, we had to take a two-semester course on the history of Europe and the ancient world in the Middle East.

I didn’t get all that much from my first exposure to this material, but I kept on reading other histories of the Western World and other books on special topics, such as the history of Brazil, which I found very interesting–especially in the nineteenth century.

Eventually I became interested in other historical topics, such as the history of technology, the history of mathematics, and intellectual history, which is an excellent way to get an overall view of the way ideas have shaped civilizations, making it easier to branch out into specialized academic disciplines, such as philosophy.

By no means am I advocating that everyone should become interested in history. There are all sorts of worthy human activities, such as studying music in detail. But if you can overcome the way high-school introductory courses have turned you off to the subject, I am confident that in time you will be richly rewarded.

Harleigh Kyson Jr.

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