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Online Degree In Web Design? I’m looking for an online …

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Online Degree In Web Design? I’m looking for an online degree in web design. I’ll consider a BS although I would prefer a BFA or BA. I’m currently in my second year in the Academy of Art’s graphic design program but have been thinking of switching my major to focus more on web stuff. I love AAU but it’s so expensive and I’m already about $30,000 in debt(and haven’t even finished my AA yet!) so I’m looking for other options. Does anyone know of any good, accredited schools where I can get my whole degree online? My husband is in the navy and we move every couple of years so going to school on campus is not an option. I’ve looked around at purely “online colleges” but haven’t been very impressed. I want to graduate with the ability to work in both web and print, with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash, and the adobe creative suite. Am I being too picky? I really love AAU’s graphic design program and was going to just switch to their web design program but I’d rather not graduate $130,000 in debt for a bachelor’s!

Any first hand experience would be very beneficial! I wouldn’t even mind sticking with a degree focussed on graphic design as long as there were coding classes.

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