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«Webdesign» And «Website» Or «Web Design» And «Web Site»? What’s …

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«Webdesign» And «Website» Or «Web Design» And «Web Site»? What’s the proper way of writing these words?
And how about «Webdeveloper»?

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Cornering the Search Engines
What Should I Think About Before I Publish A PDF EBook? I’m currently writing a book about search engine optimization for blog posts, and I’m thinking of publishing it as a Portable Document Format (PDF) eBook.

But what legal rights and so one must I be aware of? And can I publish the eBook as a download (secure payments trough PayPal) myself without further ado?

I’m a Norwegian resident so US taxes and so on is irrelevant.

I’m also interested in other tips for eBook publishing.

PS: I’m already aware of PDF encryption and metadata.

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