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Interesting. I research many topics online, simply due to lack …

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Interesting. I research many topics online, simply due to lack of time, money, leads and access to genuine historical artifacts/records, etc. For certain subjects which I am very curious, I use the Internet as a starting point to track down bibliographies. For instance, Antarctica is a place I have a huge interest in. After perusing dozens of websites, I decided to get some books about polar expeditions. I went to the library first and checked out some books on polar travels. Next, I immediately went to a great used bookstore in Detroit to see if they had any books on the subject, especially auto-biographies by the explorers themselves. I found several, 2 about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his Endurance expedition of 1914-1916. I also scoured the store’s cache of National Geographic magazines for Antarctic articles. I found a rich storehouse of knowledge in these as well.

After reading Caroline Alexander’s book “Endurance: Shackleston’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition,”(which was an incredible account based upon her being granted rare hands-on access by descendants/grandchildren to personal letters from crewmembers to loved ones at that time; archival records at universities and the Royal Geographical Society in London, which incld. the ships’ log and crew diaries, etc.) I searched online again to try and discover if any of his crew had published their memoirs, and to also read about them individually on sites such as Wikipedia(great resource). I also rented a non-fiction documentary which included cameo interviews with the grandchildren of several crew members of Shackleton’s Endurance voyage. This fascination with Sir Ernest only fueled a growing desire for more information on the Antarctic. And I sought to satisfy this hunger.
So, to recap sources, I used:
-Extensive online research
-Back issues of periodicals
-non-fiction historical accounts written by present-day authors
-Actual memoirs/auto-biographies published by crew members
-non-fiction documentaries

Why, you ask? I thought it easier to frame my answer to your question in the context of that particular search I conducted on polar exploration. The reasons vary: from the mundane reasons like easing my boredom, to the spiritual/philosphical/cultural like:

-apart from today’s mechanical/technological enabling, how did the early explorer’s manage it? What reserves of fortitude and ingenuity were they forced to discover and test? What ARE the brutal limits of human endurance and will to live? How ravenous is man’s desire for wilderness and adventure and daring? for triumph against severe odds and obstacles?
-My initial interest may have been academic, but it grew to an awe and admiration for these men(speaking of Shackleton & crew specifically) who not only survived two years stranded in the Antarctic Ocean, but were strongly, fiercely optimistic and selfless in the midst of travail.
-I also am very interested in comparing the average joe of today’s world with the men of their time.
My last question & the statement by Shackleton sum up why I research history such as polar exploration: A huge desire to live a wild and strong life apart from the manacles of drudgery:

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The Sony Ebook

or these devices:

I have a Dell Axim PDA running MS Reader. There are other Ebook apps for Palm OS’s too.

You gotta run a google search for “Ebook reader” or something similar.

Good luck!

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