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How Do You Access…? History? How do you learn about history? …

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How Do You Access…? History?
How do you learn about history? Do you research it on the net, or watch a movie? Read a history fiction novel or ask an educated person? Play video games or watch a documentary? Read a non-fiction book or watch a docudrama?
What forms of history do you deem as being more reliable? A movie or a internet site? A documentary or a non-fiction text?
Why do you access history? To better understand the future? To understand the past? Because you’re curious? To be entertained? To be educated?

I’m trying to write the equivalent of a mini-thesis and I just want some ideas to help set out my proposal and survey questions. I asked the same question maybe a month ago (thank you if you were one of the few who answered it!), but I realised I put in the wrong section. Essentially, I want to know how you personally accessed history, as my work is assessing how society accesses history and for what reasons.

I would like to say thank you to all who answered, especially Walking in a Wonderland for answering this question after reading my appeal from another question. I’m finding it difficult to decide a best answer, there is a few i’d like to award it to (perhaps we should be able to rank reponses and award points on that basis?) but I’ve chosen Archangel as after picking out the relevant facts I found more points to include in my survey. That’s not to say I haven’t inculded points from everyone else! Thanks everyone!

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