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Herd Mentality

When you create a website, you may base the design on your own preferences. The fact is that there are some preferences which are basic, based on how the brain functions. Using this scientific knowledge can help you create a website which is pleasing to all who visit it. Read on to find out more about how brain science can help you build a better website.

Building great navigation is key to ensuring people are able to easily use your website. One example of how science allows us to build better navigation is knowing how many links is too many. Most people can only hold seven items in their short-term memory, so be sure your navigation has no more than seven main links with any additional links within sub-menus. Also, put the most important links at the front and back of the list as those are the areas which most people focus on. For example, start with “Home” and end with “Contact Us.”

Herd mentality is strong, and people always want to do what they see their friends doing. If you can show them that people they would see as equals or even above them are buying from you, they will follow suit. You want them to believe that choosing any of your competition would be an abnormal choice. That means your website should include testimonials, social networking apps which show how many followers you have, and expert endorsements, including links to positive reviews in the media.

When it comes to math, most people aren’t human calculators. We exaggerate losses and tend to negate gains. That means you need to focus on losses, such as why not buying from you is bad. You also need to list your costs separately from your benefits so they won’t be confused. Focus on immediate gains and how they will benefit anyone who buys from you. Use limited time offers or scarcity to nudge people towards purchasing on your website.

Emotional headlines get your content shared. They are the first thing a visitor focuses on, and often are looked at more than other content on the page. If you create headlines which are inspiring, create anger or anxiety, those are the headlines which are shared most frequently. That means the content you post online needs to have headlines which cause people to react emotionally.

Color counts, especially when it comes to important links. You need to select one contrasting color and use it on the links you really want your visitors to click, such as “Buy Now”. Only use this color on items which can be clicked, including buttons and links. Studies show that any links which are different in color from the rest of the page not only stand out, but are also clicked much more often than those in muted colors or colors which match the overall design.

Science helps us with our everyday lives, and web design benefits from scientific advances in brain understanding. These tips are just the beginning of how these studies can help us create better websites. Continue learning about new advances and use them whenever you design a website.

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    • Skeptic
    • December 8, 2013

    Is Ignorance The Reason Why Individuals Think They Are Better Than Others? People will judge others. More specifically persons will make moral judgements when in reality, anyone is capable of becoming a monster in the right environment and under the right circumstances. Study after endless study including observations of human behavior outside of a clinical setting have proven this. Humans will become heartless, twisted, and sadistic with the right stimulus. Power corrupts, fear, pain, and suffering dissolves morality.

    Do you think you are special? That you don’t have the herd mentality and won’t devour another human under the right circumstances? Do you believe you have immunity from self preservation tendencies?

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      Everyone has their own monsters and demons inside and outside. No one’s free of them. Some of us just….learned to live with them. People judge due to ignorance an because theyve been taught that everyone’s supposed to be the same. Shame, huh?

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    • Elvis
    • January 1, 2014

    What Is IQ And What Are The Reasons For Differences In Intelligence Of People? Are the differences genetic,environmental and can someone improve his iq.

    answers from people expert in field of psychology and brain science are most welcome and please list your source.

    thank you

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    1. Reply

      IQ Actually stands for Intelligence Quotient
      each and every person havin different IQ or in other word you can say each and every person having different power of mind or different amount of intelligence.(which includes way of thinking, memorizing, and acting in related situation) person can havin different iQ in different situation. Giving you small example person successful in politics may not play smart game in a way which our favorite player doing. because both of them have different way of thinking and acting on their own. If he could play we ll say “he is havin good IQ”

      Yes the level of IQ somewhat depend on genetic and environment both. but you can not predict it
      my personal opinion ll say it depend more on environment rather genetic. you might ve heard IQ of xyz area in this world is more than others.

      I dont know how but i believe yes one can improve his intelligency because no one is 100% Born intelligent because they come to know that they are Intelligent or not after coming in this word at particular stage of their life.

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    • D700 dug
    • January 8, 2014

    Are Humans Unique Individuals Or An Over Developed Herd Animal ? We seem to have both traits, we claim to be individuals but society despises and makes true individuals outcasts calling them strange and eccentric.

    As a society we crave the company of like minded people be they a church or club or sporting group.

    We display herd mentality far more often than individuality.

    Do you think we are individuals?

    Do you think we may someday evolve into a race of true individuals?

    Why do you think individuality is so threatening to so many people ?

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    1. Reply

      You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

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    • Hannah<33
    • January 27, 2014

    IS It Possible For Part Of Your Brain To Just Not Work? I think whatever part of the brain that helps you learn science doesnt work. I dont understand it one bit. When the teacher is talking it sounds like a foreign language. Like I hear what hes saying and all but it’s basically just like what. And if I read about science Im like uh what? Is it possible for this part of my brain to not work.
    I have alwasy sucked in science. Always.

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    1. Reply

      There is no one part of the brain for science. You use the same parts as you do for everything else.

      Science has a lot of new words in it. That could be your problem. Alternately, you might have trouble visualising systems, which is a very large part of what learning science is about.

      In all cases, practice is the key. The brain is amazingly adaptable; it’ll be able to do pretty much anything you teach it to. Unless you have a very severe learning disability, you just need practice.

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    • Skycat
    • February 3, 2014

    Are You Falling Victim To “herd Mentality”?

    McCarthy w.r. your links were taken off. I have noticed that about a lot of links on this site. I believe they can still be accessed if people just type them in.

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    1. Reply

      Everything we see, hear, read, is presented to us by some UNION, either Union Hollywood, Union Media, Union Teachers, Union writers of text and print, etc.

      That’s why Obama is winning, he is a Unionizer. The Illuminati want him to win and are perpetrating a “groupthink”, and most people don’t even know it.

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    • Bhavin
    • February 8, 2014

    How Certain Is Scientific Knowledge? I need to write an essay on this question so any tips or pointers will help a lot
    my essay is based around the nature of knowledge. i hope that helps

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    1. Reply

      Scientific knowledge is certain but limited. It is knowledge about physical phenomena.

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    • Tania
    • March 1, 2014

    What Is Another Work For Scientific Knowledge?

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    1. Reply

      Error in question?
      what is another WORD for scientific knowledge?

      Expertise, skill, know how, body of knowledge

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    • Ji.ngleberr.ies
    • March 24, 2014

    If The Herd Mentality Doesn’t Effect The Belief In Evolution…? …why did I and all my friends in elementary school believe in evolution? We didn’t even know how it worked yet.

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    1. Reply

      Perhaps you shouldn’t have quit school quite so early in life. You might have found out what herd mentality and Evolution are.

      You might have actually developed intelligence. We shall never know.

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    • Chauntelle C
    • May 5, 2014

    How Does Herd Mentality Work? So, my mare is in a new facility. At our last barn she was kept in solitary during her saddle training (she was seven, never saddled, the trainer kept her in her own field for eight months while she went through initial training.) once she was introduced to the herd, she rounded all of them up and ‘drove’ them across the field (30 acres), weeding out one horse. I assume she picked that one horse as her friend?? we stayed there 8 months longer and then I moved her closer to me (I am continuing her training in 3 day eventing, last trainer focused only on basics and dressage). After her three weeks in quarantine, she moved into the barn. (spoiled as she should be with a bath every night and fresh grain and hay and bedding) At any rate, she was put out with the herd the next morning. only one horse in there at the time was a pony mare, she went nose to nose, neck to neck and immediately just stayed with her. as the rest of the herd was let out she attacked them and kept them away from the mare she befriended. Finally, the alpha mare was let out and all hell broke loose. My mare rounded them all up and ran them through the field, in the youtube video you see her running the alpha mare to the front of the pasture screaming/running for her life.. all the while still weeding out the pony mare (in the fly mask)… well now, just 3 days later, the alpha mare follows her everywhere, when my mare stops to go nose to nose with her she lifts her tail and ‘sprays’… and drops her head. they go everywhere together now too, sometimes i cant even catch her because they run off together.

    So what does that mean? Does that mean my mare is now the alpha mare? or is she in partners with the alphamare or is she the low man on the totem pole? I dont k now much about herd mentality and curiosity is killing me. Here is a link to the video:

    my mare is the bay with black legs mane and tail
    yes, you are right! but after that first day, now the pony comes and goes as she pleases but Lilly does stay close to her when things start happening. Her ally now is the former alpha mare, they are inseperable. standing neck to neck in the field, trotting together, talking over one another and the other horses for the same owner.. wont go near my Lilly. Even my stablemate is befuddled, she’s never seen a mare come in quite like Lilly.

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    1. Reply

      EDIT- Elizabeth hit is rite on the nail- she got it! Your mare was in ‘solitary’ for so long….and she has lost the idea of a united ‘herd’. She is trying to make her own herd mate with that fly mask mare. She doesnt understand that there is only 1 herd in the pasture.

      1st off- keeping a horse in solitary is bad….simply said- horses are horses, and they are herd animals….end of story! 😉
      2nd- a bath every night is BAD for the horses skin and coat. It doesnt give the horses natural coat oils a chance to grow, there fore it allowed bacertia to enter the skin easier and its just a bad idea. And fresh bedding- so I am guessing she was in a stall….I wont go into that- but same as keeping a horse in solitary…they are herd animals, they are outdoor animals….

      So- FROM THE VIDEO alone–her latching onto the fly mask horse, she is not driving out any of the other horses..she is not challenging the pecking order. She is simply latching her self onto the mare because she is uncomfortable. She hasnt been in a herd for how long? Then she is thrown into a herd with 6-7 mares? She is uncomfortable with the idea and is latching into a mare that is…low? maybe the middle of the pecking order so she can feel more comfotable and safe. She may be overwhelmed. Usually you want to introduce a horse to a herd 1 horse at a time. Then slowly build up to haveing all the horses out with the horse.

      So, she looks very uncomfortable and unstable being in the herd. That is my conclution! She is not the head honcho now. She was not pinning her ears, she was not getting aggressive. And she did not back away from chasing them after they all ran from her. She kept going. And that is the opposite of how the herd works. A horse that wants to show dominance and move up the pecking order does pressure and release. the horse puts pressure on another horse to move away. If the horse does- the horse releases the pressure, stops pinning ears, and goes back to eating or watever. If the horse doesnt move away- the horse continues to put more pressure on the horse to move, then releases it when the horse does move. Your mare did not release. She is easier unstable and uncomfortable and is continuing to move them all in a playfull way.

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    • Beyond the Limits
    • May 8, 2014

    How And Where Could I Sign Up To Donate My Brain To Science….? Once I am gone for good and ever?

    This may sound like strange petition, but I am certain of it ENITRELY:

    I would like contribute to neuroSCIENCE research by donating my Brain after death.
    It could definitely serve some good even after I am long gone.

    People do not seem to be well-informed that how much neuro-science could advance and ‘break through’ if there were SIMPLY more Brain donations, rather than having to sacrifice living animals for experimentation ( which do not even have the same acuracy on results that actual Human Brains could provide). AND, definitely: If am long gone, why bury my Brain along with my body if it could do some Good to the modern world by simply being dead already as it is?

    Donation would certainly be more benefitial than throwing it into a coffin for ‘proper burial’ or cremating it, and having the trivial ashes laying unecessarily around. (That being said, without mentioning the negative impact Cremation and Conventional funerals have on the Environment, thus including the still Living people living inside that same Environment being contaminated).

    This is simply my very own Opinion:
    Feel more than welcome to contribute with your comments and understanding on this Topic.

    However, my question is still the Same:
    How and where could I sign up for brain donation and formal consent?

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    1. Reply

      Your local medical school should have a register of people who wish to donate their bodies to science and teaching of surgeons when they die.

      I dident see a brain only option on the form I filled in. If your brain is useful it will be used (lol)

      It might be different in your country, but in Ireland your body goes to your nearest medical school, you don’t get to choose which one.

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    • PANDA G
    • May 10, 2014

    What Is The Purpose Of Islamic Knowledge And Scientific Knowledge??

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      Are you asking what is the purpose of knowledge?

      Islamic Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge are the same thing basically

      Islamic Knowledge is either invented by one of the many Muslim scientist that got erased from history

      or one of the series of hidden secret found in the Qur’an

      Scientific Knowledge is just facts and evidence to back the Qur’an up 1,500 years after its revelation to man

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    • Just090simple
    • June 3, 2014

    Question About Brain Science…? Ok this question is a little weird but i just have to ask it…

    is it possible for a human to like with just the brain human and the rest of the body robotic?

    thanks in advance

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    1. Reply

      It is a natural and ultimate progression of prosthetics. If my limbs and organs are replaced with artificial substitutes, I would be the creature you describe. The brain is probably the least amenable to an artificial substitute.

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    • Tragic Harmony :)
    • June 15, 2014

    Different Forms Of Scientific Knowledge? If you like, please include descriptions or the source. Please? Thanks! ^^,

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    1. Reply

      Knowledge is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as:
      (i) expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject…
      (ii) what is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information…
      (iii) awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation…

      Philosophical debates in general start with Plato’s formulation of knowledge as “justified true belief.” There is however no single agreed definition of knowledge presently, nor any prospect of one, and there remain numerous competing theories…

      Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, learning, communication, association and reasoning. The term knowledge is also used to mean the confident understanding of a subject with the ability to use it for a specific purpose if appropriate…

      Scientific Knowledge:
      Cognizance of a fact or phenomenon acquired through scientific method. Four factors are essential to the classification of an item of information as scientific knowledge:
      (1) independent and rigorous testing,…
      (2) peer review and publication…
      (3) measurement of actual or potential rate of error…
      (4) degree of acceptance within the scientific community…

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