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In my room i got a wall full of music …

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In my room i got a wall full of music artist like wiz khalifia lil wayne nicki and etc, other wall i got pics of me and my friends,and the other theres all my sports pics and the last wall theres pics of my familyy

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New York Skyline
Below is a link with pictures of the NYC skyline.

A view of city of great magnitude rises out of the open like a curtain for a show that always staging the world’s greatest act, you immerse yourself as one of the players of the greatest city in the world.

New York Skyline
Sheila, of course I could prove to be wrong on this as I haven’t investigated this especially for you but I was in the glass trade for 40 odd years and are knowledgeable on how mirrors can be shaped (or not) and aware of the more sophisticated machines today that can make many different shapes.
In my mind I feel the look you are trying to get is maybe a rectangular mirror where the width is greater than the height to give a panoramic feel about it and that the top horizontal edge only, takes on the outline of the New York skyline buildings eg:- higher and lower and higher, etc.
The difficulty in manufacturing this in one mirror is indeed the shape of forming the skyline. It’s difficult to put to paper in an easy understandable way but the skyline is basically a series of 90 degree corners,sharp right angled corners both exterior (at the tops of the building) and interior (lower down).
It is not possible to form an internal 90 degree angle in glass without having an internal radius as the outline of the building/s changes from the vertical to the horizontal, there may have to be a minimum of 6mm or greater dependant on the complexity of the shape itself.(This I think would spoil the skyline). The more cut outs (shapes) there are in the mirror the easier it will be to break during manufacture and subsequent handling. There would also be difficulties in finishing off (smoothing/tidying so as not sharp) the ‘cut’ edged shape (too long to go into the limitations and why).
Also if I thought it were remotely possible I would charge an exhorbitant price to reflect the risks I would be taking and to help cover costs of a number of likely breakages, probably making it an unrealistic project.
You may be able to have this design engraved (brilliant cut) into the surface of the mirror, as I’m retired a few years I’m not on the ball so much with who’s in business nowadays but if they still are, you could approach:- Mark Anthony glass based in the Chelmsford Essex area, I’m sure they used to offer this service but the more intricate the design, the more the cost.(brilliant cutting is done in an entirely different manner, by hand and you can achieve 90 degree corners, it would take on more the look you might achieve if you were painting the scene, also the strength of the finished item is not compromised. If not in business any longer look for any one offering brilliant cut mirrors but not all will be able to help it needs someone to do it by hand and they are getting rarer each year.
Finally if your adventurous and a bit arty or a diy’er you could try to source a product once sold as ‘Mirrorflex’, you will have seen this on dance floor or similar where there are balls suspended from the ceiling spinning around and covered in small square mirrors, sparkling, etc.
These were available in 1″x1″ squares of thin mirror which were stuck to a type of cloth sheet that was 24″x18″ which is how they were sold. Provided you can source them you could make your own skyline and buildings by cutting the sheet into the desired shape/s and gluing to a suitable backboard that you may have pre-cut with the skyline shape already. Use a mirror adhesive ( or low modular silicone is fine as well).The only thing you will have to consider is that everything you design will be based around the 1″ squares or multiples of this, and the finished affect, although mirror style will be in individual small squares, so not so good if wanting to see your reflection in.You will not be able to cut the individual mirror tiles themselves (unless you have done this before and can make the sharp edge safe again) but only along the horizontal and vertical cloth joints between each tile, with a stanley knife.
These were also made in 2″x 1″ and 1″x 1/2″ and in different colours like sheets in normal silver, or grey or gold or green and bronze, not mixed colours.
Most major glass suppliers will know or heard of this product but an equivalant maybe the only thing available these days as Mirrorfex themselves went bust but there must still be a demand for these.Good luck.

New York Skyline
First of all, my friend, New York City is a lot safer now than it use to be some 20 or 30 years ago. Therefore, there’s no need for you to worry about going it out at night.

Second, the best place to the city’s skyline will be from several location.

Brooklyn Promenade
Brooklyn Bridge
Circle Line boat at night
State Island Ferry on its return trip from Staten Island, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Please note, the Brooklyn Promenade closes after sunset, just like any park in the city. Therefore, I would suggest going in it in the day.

Good luck

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