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Where Can I Get Some New York City Wallpaper? I …

Comment on New York Skyline by Katie.

Where Can I Get Some New York City Wallpaper? I want a black and White new York city skyline in my room does anyone know where to get one? I want a roll of paper not a mural because they don’t fit my wall.

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Customer Interaction
What Are Some Places To Work At That Require Little Social Interaction? I’m going to be turning 16 soon and I need to find an after school / weekend job. I’m not sure where though.
I would like to work somewhere not completely without interaction, because that’s unreason, but at least some place least likely to see other teenagers I go to school with.
Any ideas are welcome! 🙂
At the very least, list places that aren’t grocery or retail stores.

Side Dish Recipes
Side Dish To Serve With Chicken Kabobs? I am going to cook them either on a grill pan or in the oven…not on a barbeque. Any side dish recipes would be helpful also. Thanks in advance!

Hallelujah Song by Leonard Cohen
What Are Some Good Musical Songs To Sing For A Soprano That Have A Lot Of Feeling In Them? I really want a song thats like “for good” from wicked. I want a song thats fun and nice to sing, and has lots of meaning to it.

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