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How Can I Make My Research Paper Longer? I have …

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How Can I Make My Research Paper Longer? I have to do a science fair research paper that has to be five pages. I am completely stuck right smack dab at four pages. I can’t think of anything else to say! And I have to send it electronically so my teacher is going to see if it is a different size font or anything like that. I just want some tips on how I can effectively expand my research paper.

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Inserting Images
How Do You Insert An Image With XML? I’m taking an intro to XML class for my masters in library science. Our entire class is so lost, but it’s an online course, so getting answers is a task in itself. We’ve been sent to sites like, but I can’t find any code (is that the right term?) to add an image.

I know basic HTML, so I know the code, but we’re told it doesn’t work like that in XML. We had to use this CSS file with the XML, so I thought we just had to make a line like

image image {image-align: left}

And then reference the filename in the XML between tags


PS: If someone can explain how XML is easier than HTML, please do.
That answer does not make sense to me. I’m sorry, I’m a simple librarian who has never used XML or CSS or all those acronyms.

I typed in the following in an XML file

And then we made a CSS where I typed in
image {image-align: left}

I feel like this is along the right lines. I read that XML still uses HTML, so don’t I just need to add something in about WHAT I’m doing with the image, in this case, aligning it on the left?

I just get an error in my browser

“The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using CSS style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. ”

That’s funny, the w3schools site is the resource our professor gave me.

So I guess I understand what to do in XML

But it only shows the filename as text on the front-end. The example in that link doesn’t look like CSS (then again, I don’t know CSS). What else do I have to type in?
image {image-align: left}

Brand Thyself
What Is The Political Stance Of These US Newspapers? CNN news
Al Jazeera America
Fox news
New York times
Washington post
Huffington post

Also which is most likely to give a unbiased opinion on a matter and which is most likely to be highly biased and one sided?

Fashion Advice
Fashion Advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I am a teenager and I am terrible at fashion please help!

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