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Unfortunately the first stap of overthinking your website is often missed. A domain-name is very important but if you want a good service you first need to know what technical demands you’ve got. And to know your technical demands, you have to consider your site thoroughly.

A site idea is how you want your site to be. Consider the groups you target (make a short demographic description including computer skills) for each group. Ask yourself what they want from your site. Next ask yourself what you want from your site: entertain, get them to go to a shop and buy your book or even have an online bookshop. This is very important for how your site is going to be, so take enough time to consider all this.

Once you know how you want your site to be, you start thinking about content. Shortly write the main pages down in keywords: home, about us, downloads etc.

Having an insight in your content it’s time to make up your navigation. Always think of how navigation would be the most logical to you. Ask some friends to check it. They can tell you what is unclear and could be better.

So, you’ve got your idea and content based on your goals and target groups. Here comes te designing process. No need to call a designer yet, just go to globally designing it yourself: how would you like to be your site, from a graphical view. Should the site be a graveyard with the gravestones as navigation or do you prefer a very mysterious site. It depends on your product and information. Check some sites of other companies to get an idea and discuss your own idea’s again with friends (preferebly those who share your interest) as a focus-group. A creative site stays in the mind, so be creative without losing your goals.

Afer you’ve done all this, it is time to find a designer. You’ve prepared yourself, so you can tell him what you want. Ask him/her for an opinion of your thoughts. Maybe your designer comes up with some points you didn’t think about. On base of what you want you designer can tell you what technical demands there are for your site. Most designers can also tell you where you should register or offer hosting themselves.

It’s time for the designer to design and for you to write the actual texts (or if you’re very lucky that’s up to a copywriter). Biggest hint here: people read poorly on the internet. Write down what you want to tell and make a summarized text out of this. No complicated grammar constructions; try to keep the number of words down to 7 per sentence and use as less sentences as possible (be reasonable here though). Note that this is a general pointer. An article from a magazine is something very different ofcourse.

Some other general pointers:
* Don’t go online to hasty. If you do, you’ll encounter big problems or your site needs rebuilds every 2 months.
* Nothing as irritating as an ‘under construction’ message.
* Look into the future: how do you expect your site to grow.
* Forbid your designer to use flash. It’s fancy, but not everyone has got it. Only use it if it’s /really/ needed for your site.
* Make sure your site is readable to everyone.
* Don’t forget to tell search engines where to find you
* Update your site on a regular base and make sure never to have got really outdated information on your site.

Luckily my answer to your second question is shorter: there’s no need to get your designer to update your site, you can do this yourself if you learn some basic html-codes. I would suggest you ask your designer to make a combination mysql/php-site for you, which is easy maintainable. For big changes on your site a designer is needed though.

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Range Goals
1) what is your goals – do you want to drive traffic – sell a product – market a service(local, nationwide or global) – is this website a community forum or social network site – personal blog etc.

2) what would you like your website to look like. colors, layout etc.

3) how many pages would you like and what would you like to name them

4) would you like a dynamic website or a static website

5) do you have a domain name

6) do you have a web host provider in mind

7) will you be providing your own images, videos, and graphics such as logos and headers

8) will you be providing you own text content (about us information, mission statement etc.)

9) what is your budget – how much are you willing to spend

10) will you be updating your own website or will you be hiring me to do weekly or monthly updates

Range Goals
“Key Mantra of todays business is thorugh Internet”. To be successful in designing and developing web sites, you need a specialized and diverse team who share a common goal of doing quality work. Their skills complemented one another perfectly, and they knew how to get things done. Adinn provides you eye catchy and program oriented websites, which will produce you e-business, aswelas your brand value promotion. Awareness through social networking websites can be done through our exports.
for more details :

Range Goals
There are no legit websites because Disney and Nick do not hold open auditions for parts on their TV shows and movies. They’re companies that put up a lot of money for their productions and they trust it to talented, trained, experienced professionals. Auditions are done through talent agents. The kids you see on those shows had strong professional acting resumes, agents and probably belonged to the an actors union before they got the role.

Once (maybe twice) a year Disney has an “open audition”. It’s announced here:

But understand that these are more of a publicity stunt rather than casting for Disney shows. During the “open auditions” Disney casting directors may have private interviews with some child actors – but those would have been set up through the child’s local talent agent.

Here’s information on legit Disney auditions:

It’s not just Disney and Nick – most TV shows and movies are cast through talent agents. Professional acting is a business – everyone in the industry treats it as such. Open auditions brings out everyone and takes up too much time and too much money. And why should they take a chance on an unknown, untrained actor when there are literally THOUSANDS of trained, experienced actors who could do the part.

If you are interested in acting professionally, you’re parents are going to have to be VERY involved. As I said, it’s a business and your parents will have to act as the CEO of your career. They’ll have to research and understand the business end of the industry including how the whole casting process works, who are the good agents and how to get one, how to find auditions, what legal paperwork is required for minors in the entertainment industry (some places require kids to have work permits and trust accounts established). They’ll have to understand what acting unions are (like SAG-AFTRA) and when you should join. They’ll have to write you professional acting resume (or hire someone to do it). There are lot of people out there willing to scam you or take advantage of you – your parents will have to understand things enough to protect you from that.

There’s also the financial investment – the cost of acting lessons, head shots, an acting reel (video of your acting work), fees to join the union, traveling to and from auditions, etc. Basically you’re talking a huge investment in time, effort and money for both you and your parents. With no guarantee of a return on that investment – you may never get a Disney or Nick audition.

So if you were looking for an easy way to fame, attention and recognition – then this isn’t it. However, if you are really passionate about acting you don’t have to give up your dream. Start with acting classes where you live. Audition for school plays and local productions. Join a Speech/Drama club and compete in the acting division at forensic competitions. Get ahead shot and start to put together a resume and find a local agent. Things like that will help you move toward your goal. Here’s a website designed for parents of children in the entertainment industry. It explains several things:

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5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Blog Post
If you use WordPress, or Blogger, or any other modern blogging tool for that matter, the search engines are “pinged” and know right away that you have made a post. So, don’t worry about submitting it to search engines manually (and for heaven’s sake, don’t pay someone who claims to do that)!

In general, the best method nowadays is to generate some social traffic. Post a link to you post to Facebook, Twitter, pin your post’s featured image to Pinterest.

Catchy Headlines
Business Models are simulations of actual business functioning.
They act as ideal real life examples,and help participants actively discuss the pros and cons of the situation given.

A business Model gives a Full Account of any particular Business Scenario. Readers of this model/ Participants are then asked to discuss the strengths and weaknessess of it. Put it simply, one has to SWOT analyze the Business Model based on different parameters.

Each participant comes up with his/her own views on the subject. Cumulative views and different view points are then listed and ranked based on their importance and relevance.

Thus at the end of the session, a business models suitability and viability is drafted and conclusions are drawn thereon.

The more the Business Model Analysis a person does, the more exposed he gets to real life corporate situations.
Hence it is said, that Business Models act as Good Simulators.

Search Engine Optimization
A search engine is a service provided by some company (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) which will search through millions of web pages for keywords that a person types into a field. For instance, if I type “Puppy” into a search box on Google’s web site, there are currently 40,800,000 matches available. If the search provider has a good search algorithm in their software, then the most relevant pages should be listed first. In my case, I’m a happy searcher, because after the Google Image samples, the first result listed is the Puppy Linux website, which is the only Puppy I would ever be searching for online. Most search providers keep track of what websites people will actually visit after doing a search. They then use the results to make sure those pages are closer to the top of the list for the next time someone searches for the same keyword(s).

Image search optimization is about using images on your website to draw more “click-throughs” from the search provider, thereby raising your rank in the search list. This, in turn, helps to ensure that you keep getting more visits to your site. A neat article I just found by typing “image search optimization” into Google Search is linked below.

New York Skyline
Below is a link with pictures of the NYC skyline.

A view of city of great magnitude rises out of the open like a curtain for a show that always staging the world’s greatest act, you immerse yourself as one of the players of the greatest city in the world.

Business Niche – Adding Content for SEO
Fefoo is not a search engine, its an application that helps you search better. It uses the traditional search engines to search. You search on categories and your search is more refined from the time you start searching. In case you don’t use categories it works like a normal search engine.
Springo is a Web shortcutting tool that empowers users to rapidly and easily navigate to the best websites for any purpose.

Welcome to Viewzi

Each view contains a set of results that are displayed visually – and each view has a different perspective.
Yoozila is a powerful new search engine. It’s primary purpose is to provide you with relevant results and present them in a fresh web 2.0 beautiful manner.
FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.

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