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It doesn’t matter why you have decided to build a website or what your long range goals are as there is simply one point that matters. You need to ensure that your website is designed to be user friendly to help generate the traffic you desire to attain your goals. This is often a key to web design that becomes forgotten as we focus on the sites appearance instead of how it is seen by the visitor. This article will offer some tips to ensure that your site is designed with the visitor in mind.

If you look at a lot of the sites online you will notice that they often have a chaotic layout that is difficult to understand or navigate. It is imperative that you have a clearly defined, easy to understand purpose for your website. The content should be unified to perform a specific task, like driving traffic to an affiliate or generate sales of a service or product that you are selling. This becomes difficult to do when your site is cluttered and unorganized. Remember your goal and make it as easy as possible to achieve by defining the purpose of the site via its appearance and function.

Try to stay consistent throughout your website. You do not want to load content that jumps all over the place from page to page and keep it centered around the topic you are promoting. If you happen to have signed up for an affiliate program, make sure that the products match the theme of your content. If you think about it, we have all seen pages that promote, let’s say weight loss, only to see ads and links that take you to a page selling software for working from home. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use your site for but visitors will take you more seriously when you are consistent throughout.

Your website design goal is to make the site as easy to use by visitors as possible. For this reason, never force visitors to install plug-ins to view your site or download anything. While flash is never recommended due to its limitations on portable devices, you should ensure that any flash or java based applications on your site use the standard plug-ins that people already have on their systems, like Adobe based tools and avoid using the newest update as many people do not update these regularly and we want everyone to see what you have on the site without additional work on their part.

Always focus your attention and design on fast loading pages. Portable devices have become the most popular way to access webpages and with data package speeds being slower than the average home based internet speeds, pages need to load quickly or your site will be forgotten. People simply do not have the patience or time to wait for pages to load and ensuring yours open quickly, will ensure you have a willing audience looking at what you offer.

By designing your web site with the visitor in mind, you are ensuring your own success. Take a few moments to check your finished product in a number of different devices to guarantee that your site will be visible to one and all before going live with the site.

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    • Maikoazu
    • December 5, 2013

    When Applying For A New Job, How Should I Answer These Questions:? Why are you looking for a job at this time?
    Why are you interested in the position for which you applied?
    How do you define success in a job?
    What are your long-range goals?

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      Because i am unemployment or i would like a career change

      i believe it will allow me to fully develop my skills

      when both the company is happy with my performance and i am truly happy coming to work

      to have a fully employed life and retire at 55!!

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    • ILoveHotgirlsInBed
    • December 6, 2013

    I Need A Website Designed For A Record Label? I’m looking to have a website designed for my record label. I’m looking for something with a flash intro page. I would also like to have a media page on the site where music, and wallpapers etc can be downloaded. I’m trying to find something affordable. Is there anyone that can help me out?

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      It sounds to me like you have two options. First, you can go with the general design and download page. You will find that you can get very reasonable rates for development on this. There are a good number of flash developers that exist that can create exceptional work in a fairly short amount of time.

      Second, you can go with a site designed to achieve business objectives. I’m guessing that you have just started the record label. As such, you need to get some legs under it to keep it driving forward. Because of this, I suggest not using flash. It will severely limit your options for marketing and promotion down the line. It may look very nice and flashy (pardon the pun), but search engines won’t do as good of a job at finding it and categorizing it and users may not find the experience as seamless as they could.

      Furthermore, you should be taking advantage of all the viral marketing you can. The site should integrate a blog that introduces stories behind the music, contributes to the industry, and leads your future clients to want more.

      Depending on your situation, a simple site may be all that is realistic for the short term. However, I encourage you to give some thought to the long term goals of the site as it relates to your business objectives. Don’t shut yourself out from possible revenue streams and free marketing in the short term just to have something that you think is impressive.

      Good luck. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want me to elaborate.

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    • Jack
    • December 8, 2013

    How Many Websites Would A Web Design Company Produce? Pretty broad question, but any stats would be appreciated, or if you run a web design company please advise….

    How many websites could an extremely successful web design company produce per month?

    I’d like to try and figure out the size of the market too so I can set myself goals and know whether I’m overly optimistic or not.

    Thanks for reading, any advice is appreciated.

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      Hello Jack, I think this is totally depend on following points:

      – Work Load
      – Delivery Time Frame
      – Team Strength
      – Work Quality
      – Management quality of the Company.

      It varies company to company. A good and reputed company may often fail to live up to customer expectation and sometimes Small / average company will give tremendous results and output.

      Best of luck ………………!!

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    • MARTIN D
    • December 23, 2013

    What Is The Best Way To Build A Professional Website? I am useless at that stuff but can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. What would make it easier for me to do? It is for my business so would need to be a 10-page website and look professional.

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      • Admin
      • December 23, 2013


      Unfortunately the first stap of overthinking your website is often missed. A domain-name is very important but if you want a good service you first need to know what technical demands you’ve got. And to know your technical demands, you have to consider your site thoroughly.

      A site idea is how you want your site to be. Consider the groups you target (make a short demographic description including computer skills) for each group. Ask yourself what they want from your site. Next ask yourself what you want from your site: entertain, get them to go to a shop and buy your book or even have an online bookshop. This is very important for how your site is going to be, so take enough time to consider all this.

      Once you know how you want your site to be, you start thinking about content. Shortly write the main pages down in keywords: home, about us, downloads etc.

      Having an insight in your content it’s time to make up your navigation. Always think of how navigation would be the most logical to you. Ask some friends to check it. They can tell you what is unclear and could be better.

      So, you’ve got your idea and content based on your goals and target groups. Here comes te designing process. No need to call a designer yet, just go to globally designing it yourself: how would you like to be your site, from a graphical view. Should the site be a graveyard with the gravestones as navigation or do you prefer a very mysterious site. It depends on your product and information. Check some sites of other companies to get an idea and discuss your own idea’s again with friends (preferebly those who share your interest) as a focus-group. A creative site stays in the mind, so be creative without losing your goals.

      Afer you’ve done all this, it is time to find a designer. You’ve prepared yourself, so you can tell him what you want. Ask him/her for an opinion of your thoughts. Maybe your designer comes up with some points you didn’t think about. On base of what you want you designer can tell you what technical demands there are for your site. Most designers can also tell you where you should register or offer hosting themselves.

      It’s time for the designer to design and for you to write the actual texts (or if you’re very lucky that’s up to a copywriter). Biggest hint here: people read poorly on the internet. Write down what you want to tell and make a summarized text out of this. No complicated grammar constructions; try to keep the number of words down to 7 per sentence and use as less sentences as possible (be reasonable here though). Note that this is a general pointer. An article from a magazine is something very different ofcourse.

      Some other general pointers:
      * Don’t go online to hasty. If you do, you’ll encounter big problems or your site needs rebuilds every 2 months.
      * Nothing as irritating as an ‘under construction’ message.
      * Look into the future: how do you expect your site to grow.
      * Forbid your designer to use flash. It’s fancy, but not everyone has got it. Only use it if it’s /really/ needed for your site.
      * Make sure your site is readable to everyone.
      * Don’t forget to tell search engines where to find you
      * Update your site on a regular base and make sure never to have got really outdated information on your site.

      Luckily my answer to your second question is shorter: there’s no need to get your designer to update your site, you can do this yourself if you learn some basic html-codes. I would suggest you ask your designer to make a combination mysql/php-site for you, which is easy maintainable. For big changes on your site a designer is needed though.

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    • Britt
    • January 10, 2014

    Where Is Are Some Of The Best Places To Intern For A Graphic Design/advertising Student? Im currently a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh majoring in graphic design. My ultimate goal is to be a creative director at a major advertising agency. I was wondering where the best places to intern would be to give me the best chance at making my career goal come true. Any info or advice would be great. Thanks. 🙂

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      Freelancing = wrong. At this point in your career, you want to surround yourself with people who are better than you so you can learn from them.

      With that in mind, find some ad agencies in the area whose work you really admire, and send an unsolicited, well-written cover letter, resume, and portfolio (as a SMALL attachment). Better yet, if you have a website, send that link instead of a portfolio. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll be ignored.

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    • Ninjadile
    • January 25, 2014

    How Can I Attract Community Activists To My Website? My website is designed for people in San Francisco interested in improving city living. I am struggling to attract people ready to contribute ideas toward this goal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      You might find like minded individuals locally on craigslist.

      You could always advertise in the community paper, at community centers or reach out to one of the many organizations that are in California and have similar goals to you. Partnering with an established non profit will give you credibility and you will learn a lot about how they go about promoting their organization.

      Another way to get people involved is to partner with a school and organize an event/project of some sort. I am sure students would love to contribute ideas on how to make the community a better one!

      My last recommendation is that you check out

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    • Mrschrisc
    • February 10, 2014

    I Am Creating A Website For A Customer And Need To Ask Follow Up Questions:? I am trying to create a website for a customer:

    1. The question I must ask from the customer is: What sets you apart from your competitors?

    The customer gives me this answer: I’m not sure. I guess we have more products than most other competitors.

    What follow-up questions would I need ask to get more info out of the customer in order to create his website?

    Thank you!

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      • Admin
      • February 10, 2014

      What are your goals and objectives for this website? The content of the website will be determined by their objectives

      How do you intend to monetize or earn from this website? If the owner wants to earn via advertising, then you need to design ad spaces for the site owner

      What are the websites you like, and why? This can give you an idea of the tastes of the site owner.

      What are the websites of your competitors? So you can get a feel for their presentation and contents

      What are the important messages you want your website to highlight? That can help guide you in the content of the site

      What information do you want to present? This can help you understand the hierarchy of information and create the navigation structure for the site

      How often will the site be changed? So you can have a maintenance contract

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    • Christopher C
    • April 1, 2014

    Design Strategy In Multimedia Website? Please help, I don’t have any idea what that is…

    best answer wins 10 points!

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      I run a website design company, so I (like to think) know what I’m talking about.

      Design strategy is about a user’s experience interacting with your content. It’s how you lay out the website and pick the functionality in a way that aligns with 1) what your goals are and 2) how one might expect to use a website.

      Design strategy manifests itself in a lot of ways. At one angle, it could be about the colors intentionally used to convey an emotion. How many baby product websites are on all black backgrounds? No – they use whites and blue hues for a reason. It emotes a sense of fragility, care, and freshness.

      Another component of design strategy might be demographic in nature. Are there certain images that equate with your expected visitor’s demographic makeup? If you cater to women, for example, might you use specific images that women (generally) enjoy?

      A component of design strategy might be branding and focus on an age demographic. If you focus on senior citizen issues, would you use a graffiti font? Probably not.

      If your primary content asset is multimedia, part of your design strategy might be to use the best possible Flash player out there or leverage YouTube because it’s familiar and trendy.

      That’s a sense of what design strategy is about to us.

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    • Sydney
    • April 8, 2014

    Disney Or Nick Audition Websites ? I’m looking for the/a REAL disney/nick audition site. I know about the site but thats for acting at the PARKS. I also tried . Its not real, unavaliable, or typed in wrong. I EVEN TRIED changing the GEO to GO & WWW. to that link address bu nothing works .. any suggestions. Whats some LEGIT sites ? I Live Columbus, Georgia (:

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      There are no legit websites because Disney and Nick do not hold open auditions for parts on their TV shows and movies. They’re companies that put up a lot of money for their productions and they trust it to talented, trained, experienced professionals. Auditions are done through talent agents. The kids you see on those shows had strong professional acting resumes, agents and probably belonged to the an actors union before they got the role.

      Once (maybe twice) a year Disney has an “open audition”. It’s announced here:

      But understand that these are more of a publicity stunt rather than casting for Disney shows. During the “open auditions” Disney casting directors may have private interviews with some child actors – but those would have been set up through the child’s local talent agent.

      Here’s information on legit Disney auditions:

      It’s not just Disney and Nick – most TV shows and movies are cast through talent agents. Professional acting is a business – everyone in the industry treats it as such. Open auditions brings out everyone and takes up too much time and too much money. And why should they take a chance on an unknown, untrained actor when there are literally THOUSANDS of trained, experienced actors who could do the part.

      If you are interested in acting professionally, you’re parents are going to have to be VERY involved. As I said, it’s a business and your parents will have to act as the CEO of your career. They’ll have to research and understand the business end of the industry including how the whole casting process works, who are the good agents and how to get one, how to find auditions, what legal paperwork is required for minors in the entertainment industry (some places require kids to have work permits and trust accounts established). They’ll have to understand what acting unions are (like SAG-AFTRA) and when you should join. They’ll have to write you professional acting resume (or hire someone to do it). There are lot of people out there willing to scam you or take advantage of you – your parents will have to understand things enough to protect you from that.

      There’s also the financial investment – the cost of acting lessons, head shots, an acting reel (video of your acting work), fees to join the union, traveling to and from auditions, etc. Basically you’re talking a huge investment in time, effort and money for both you and your parents. With no guarantee of a return on that investment – you may never get a Disney or Nick audition.

      So if you were looking for an easy way to fame, attention and recognition – then this isn’t it. However, if you are really passionate about acting you don’t have to give up your dream. Start with acting classes where you live. Audition for school plays and local productions. Join a Speech/Drama club and compete in the acting division at forensic competitions. Get ahead shot and start to put together a resume and find a local agent. Things like that will help you move toward your goal. Here’s a website designed for parents of children in the entertainment industry. It explains several things:

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    • Sameer
    • April 15, 2014

    How To Make A Good Website? Hi,
    I am a technical analyst in stock market, I generate my own calls, now I want to publish my calls on my website. Can anybody tell me how to make a free website to publish my calls?

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      “Key Mantra of todays business is thorugh Internet”. To be successful in designing and developing web sites, you need a specialized and diverse team who share a common goal of doing quality work. Their skills complemented one another perfectly, and they knew how to get things done. Adinn provides you eye catchy and program oriented websites, which will produce you e-business, aswelas your brand value promotion. Awareness through social networking websites can be done through our exports.
      for more details :

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    • Skyblueyou
    • June 3, 2014

    What Questions Should Client Be Asked For Their Website Design/development? What questions do you ask a client before you build their website?

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      1) what is your goals – do you want to drive traffic – sell a product – market a service(local, nationwide or global) – is this website a community forum or social network site – personal blog etc.

      2) what would you like your website to look like. colors, layout etc.

      3) how many pages would you like and what would you like to name them

      4) would you like a dynamic website or a static website

      5) do you have a domain name

      6) do you have a web host provider in mind

      7) will you be providing your own images, videos, and graphics such as logos and headers

      8) will you be providing you own text content (about us information, mission statement etc.)

      9) what is your budget – how much are you willing to spend

      10) will you be updating your own website or will you be hiring me to do weekly or monthly updates

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