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Web design is available at every community college. However, not …

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Web design is available at every community college. However, not all web design courses are created equal. One colleague was interviewing new web designers a few weeks ago. One applicant in the top 5% of a three year course had never made a website. In fact, being able to make a website from start to finish was not part of this course. To clarify – this college is one of the top 10 in the country, not an online or unaccredited school.

It is also possible to take 3 years and never learn how to make websites that are Search Engine Friendly. In today’s highly competitive market, SEO is no longer an afterthought. Many business owners want their websites SEO friendly ‘out of the box.’ This means CSS tables, and constructed with embedded seo tools.

There are jobs for people who only learn coding, if they only want to work in the big companies. However, today’s top web design companies have less than 20 employees. The web designer is responsible for more than just the ‘top end’. You need to know how to build a website from the ground up.

TIP: If you want to become a web designer, start making websites, now. Building a few websites and blogs which do well, are optimized, and have a lot of traffic, is the only way to ensure that you are employable after you graduate.

I posted more in my yahoo profile on this topic

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Good Web Design
This is just my opinion but..
Web design by a mile. and if you are a fast learner or in to it at all, web DEVELOPMENT.

Look, I have to tell you.. any teenager with Adobe creative suite can call themselves a graphic designer. The whole point of graphics design school (at least while I was there) was to build a portfolio up so you would have something to show prospective clients / employers. Guess what? You don;t need school for that. You just need a computer and some gumption.

Web design is whole ‘nother animal. You can do art… that does tricks! Designing a website is far more intricate that simply doing layout. You need to make sure that the layout makes sense and can be used easily. Lots of things.

The real money is in DEV though.. not design. If you can make a website that can interact with the users…. collect and direct information… maybe some Flex or Actionscript to go with your ASP JAVA and PHP.. You stand to make six figures from home…

Good Web Design
Web design is a fairly young profession, although it has links back to the start of the web in 1989 it really started to take off in the late 90’s and has accelerated with popularity ever since in line with the popularity and growth of the internet, in particularly e-commerce.

Yes there is a good future for the web design industry is healthy and growing, new jobs are being added, but web design is also evolving and as with all technology professions you will need to keep up to speed or your skills with become obsolete.

The population is growing, meaning that the internet population is growing, meaning that the number of people wanting websites is growing and will continue to do to.

Potential threats come from companies that offer templates for customers to create their own sites, but as a professional you will always be able to do a better, more professional job, plus so many people are technophobes and simply do not have the time, confidence nor desire to create their own site, so they will use a designer.

You can also offer add on services such as SEO, hosting, site analysis, social media marketing, content management & website maintenance.

Good Web Design
Web design is definitely the more lucrative field right now, so if you’re looking to make money and get a job immediately, go into that.

I’m a graphic designer myself, but print based and it took a little over a year after graduation for me to get a full-time job. My programmer and web friends had jobs within months.

Definitely delve into the programming side of web site structure, you’ll be much more valuable if you can design AND program, normally a web firm will have designers and programmers, so having both skill sets will only benefit you.

They’re both extremely interesting, fun, and creative fields. I honestly love what I do and really want to learn more about the web side of things when I go to grad school.

You’ll probably have to take a few basic design courses before getting into web anyways, so you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

Good luck.

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