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Good Web Design

If you plan to build a website, you want to be sure that it is planned and designed well. Your website will be seen by millions of people all over the world. It represents your face to the world, and you should make a good impression on whoever lands on your site. Good web design takes careful planning and consideration. A poorly designed website will create a bad impression. If you want to learn some tips on how to make your website effective, continue to read this article.

One of the things that cause people to complain about websites is the slow speed caused by web pages loaded with images and elements take forever to load. People expect speed and efficiency when they go to the web to look for information. To give them that, you have to keep your file sizes small. Images should be optimized for the web. There is no need to use extremely high resolution that may be more suitable for print. Use your graphics editor to bring down the resolution of your images without visible degradation of how the image looks on screen. The lower the resolution, the smaller the file size.

Your website should provide useful content to your visitors. Although you would not want to make it boring by just including text, you would not want to overuse graphics either. The images that you use should be appropriate for your content. They should reinforce the message that you are trying to convey in your content. Consider who your audience is when you choose your images. For example, if your website is geared toward children, you would want images that are whimsical and fun.

The visual impact of your website is very important. A page loading with animation can be very distracting. A long ago, blinking text was a popular way to get people’s attention, until people realized that they really irritated by it. Therefore, avoid the using of animated graphics, unless you think they really add value to your content.

Do not get too fancy in with your layout. Your content should be organized in a way that is easy for your visitors to find information. If your page looks cluttered and disorganized, your visitors will have a bad experience with their site visit. Make your navigation clear and easy to use so your visitors can find information quickly.

The content of your website should be easy to read. Stick standard font types for the majority of your content. You can use another font type for titles and headings to make them stand out, but do not use font types that clash with each other. Consistency makes your website look cleaner.

Make your website content easier on the eyes by dividing big blocks of text into smaller paragraphs. Allow enough space between the the lines and paragraphs so your reader can follow the flow of your content comfortably.

Remember this advice when you are creating your website. If you follow these tips, your web visitors will have a better user experience.

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    • Kevin
    • January 5, 2014

    How To Learn Web Design For Free? I’d like to learn web design from home. Is there any software that I can download that teaches how to design a web site.

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      To learn web design, first you have to learn HTML. HTML is very easy to learn. Just type some code (tags in HTML terms) in windows notepad & here you are..the most basic of your website is created. After that you can learn CSS for adding presentation i.e. colors,fonts etc to the HTML. & the interesting thing is that you will also write CSS in windows notepad. Then you can learn Javascript for adding functionality. After that you can move to advance level of web designing.

      So, the software to create & design a website is Windows Notepad.
      (You have some image editing software as such a Adobe Photoshop or try free downloadable GIMP)

      I suggest you to use Adobe Dreamweaver as it will be very much easy for you to design your website.

      Also, there are lots of website for learning HTML/CSS & Javascript in the internet. So feel free to search from the internet.

      Also, you can purchase the following books for the reference.

      Best of luck 🙂

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    • Mari
    • January 11, 2014

    What’s A Good Name For My Freelance Web Design/development Company? I want to set up a website for my freelance company, I do web design, development and support. I want something cool, but also something that tells people I am professional. Thanks.

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      I’d try this different approach. Invite over about ten of your best friends for a wine tasting party at your house early in the evening and make sure you have a designated driver or two. After everyone has had a glass or two, and start to loosen up tell them you are looking for a name for your new web design development company.

      You’d be surprised at how creative they become. The more they loosen up the more chance there is of something very good coming out of it.

      Get several names you like because the challenge will be to find a name that is also available as a web site name. The moment you settle on something, do a search at to see if the name is available. If you are very lucky and it is, available, buy it immediately. The price is usually less than $10 and you’ll own it for at least a year.

      Good Luck

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    • Landino
    • February 8, 2014

    Classes For Web Design? I need to know what classes i need to take for web design. like which math classes would help or science classes.

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      A responsible and insightful web designer will take in information from many disciplines, because web design in general is a multidisciplinary field where culture, art, and science meet.

      In general…
      Art and design classes will give you the aesthetic eye to make appealing visuals that will draw in users. Media studies and humanities will teach you to be mindful of your users, which is of the utmost importance since no one will use a site if it’s not geared for them to use. Sciences will teach you how to be inquisitive. Math will help you to think in steps and algorithms which is important in the scripting of websites.

      The most important classes I took in High School were art where I learned about the elements and principles of design; computer science where I began to learn how to program; and algebra, geometry, and precalculus where I learned a lot of equations I use now to make interactive and animated sites.

      Keep learning.
      Learn about everything.
      You WILL be able to apply it to web design.

      Good Luck!

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    • David c
    • February 21, 2014

    Web Design Questions? Im interested in pursueing web design as a career, and i was just wondering if you guys had any web sites that list skills that i should try and build up that would help me. also, if any of you out there are web designers, how much do you generally make, like is it by commission or what? thanks in advance

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      • Admin
      • February 21, 2014

      Web Design is a good career to go for. There are tons of jobs for people out there in this field. Here are the main skills you will need to focus on at first.


      a server side language (PHP, Ruby, C# for ASP.NET)
      PHP is the most common and probably the best for beginners.

      You should also be familiar with the following software too.

      A decent Text Editor (Sublime, Textmate)

      There are some great tutorials online to follow. Here is a list of websites you should be following daily.

      Smashing Magazine (a blog about web design and development and best practices)

      Tutsplus (A blog with tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator and web development)

      Shay Howe – Learn Web Design (A tutorial site on Web Design HTML and CSS best practices)

      I would also like to recommend a book called ‘Above the Fold’. If you can get your hands on this book this will go over the surface of web design. It explains all the areas of Web Design and will give you a good grasp on what it really takes to build a well branded website that meets the needs of the clients.

      As for how much a web designer can make it really varies. I started out at 20 an hour and now I make anywhere from 30-40. I am still learning myself as I am not at the elite level in my area.

      I also want to add something. If it seems that there are no jobs or you are having troubles finding jobs, then you will have to create the jobs you work at. A lot of companies don’t even have an online presence yet and it will be your job to find them and help them take their business to the next level online.

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    • Drew D
    • March 16, 2014

    Confusion On What Web Design Is? Alright so I’m looking a little into my future for career decisions and programming is something I’m definitely interested in. I was looking into web design and I’m just confusing myself.

    What would I be programming with web design, what language would I be learning (php?). I just wanna know wth my job would be as a web designer, and what my abilities are to do to a site as one.

    Also the same with java. What do I do with java besides the ability to design games?

    Would you recommend learning java programming or web design programming

    i know this is confusing as **** but I’m getting so lost in this topic, and I desperately need some help

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      See Darasu: a good definiton to avoid confusion between Web Design and Web Development.

      I will add:

      Web Design: essentially the artistic skills and a good graphic program, such as Photoshop (the industry standard). Basic knowledge of HTML is also required to design your files in a way that the Developer can use these designs. Good MARKETING skills is also essential: too many designers have NO IDEA on how to make a site SELL (The purpose of a site!)

      Web development: that is “coding only”. Nobody listed the languages you must know (and be expert in all of them!)
      Depends on the type of server/application:
      For all: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and skills in legal and accountancy if you site offers a product or a service… Good knowledge in several “human” languages aslo if you develop multi-lingual sites…
      On a Unix/Linux server (75% of the market): Php, mysql, AJAX framework.
      On a Window server (crap and expensive, for people who have more money than brain): ASP, .net, JSP, MSSQL, IIS and AJAX.
      For mobile applications: 13 more languages, each one for a particular mobile type! (I’ll leave you to find out).
      For GAMES: Flash, java, C++, a phletore of 3D graphic programs and a few Graphic engines…
      Good luck!

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    • Hass
    • March 29, 2014

    Guidance On Web Design? I have decided to start self teaching myself how to web design, however the only thing that is clear to me is that there two things to the web: web development and web design. Also I am confused as to what is a considered a good base out of this list:


    Finally how does the Adobe Creative Suite fit in with all of this and which of the programs included are going to be the most important. As hope you can appreciate this field is quite daunting at first and some expert help would be of great use.

    I would really like a list on what order i should learn these subjects in.

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      Hi, you first have to do some web design to know what’s going on, then you can develop webpages.
      at first the only languages you need to know are”XHTML” HTML was the old one the new one has lots more flexibility(if you want to flow with time use XHTML much easier is as well).and next one is CSS(cascading style sheet) this works like chain with XHTML for designning/developing.these 2 languages are most “”s recommendations especially for developers.
      then you can go on “java script” it’s for someplaces CSS is bot recommended to be used, in other word Java script can take care of them in better in more interesting words.
      PHP, My SQL, ASP.NET, these are languages for client side and server side to communicate to each other, but for a good and flexible webpage these are essential can learn more on these web sites:

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    • Jazib r
    • April 13, 2014

    Web Design Vs Graphics Design? Which one of them should i choose for my career
    plzzzz guide me
    Web design vs Graphics Design?
    i want to know which one is more interesting

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      Web design is definitely the more lucrative field right now, so if you’re looking to make money and get a job immediately, go into that.

      I’m a graphic designer myself, but print based and it took a little over a year after graduation for me to get a full-time job. My programmer and web friends had jobs within months.

      Definitely delve into the programming side of web site structure, you’ll be much more valuable if you can design AND program, normally a web firm will have designers and programmers, so having both skill sets will only benefit you.

      They’re both extremely interesting, fun, and creative fields. I honestly love what I do and really want to learn more about the web side of things when I go to grad school.

      You’ll probably have to take a few basic design courses before getting into web anyways, so you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

      Good luck.

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    • V.J B
    • April 18, 2014

    Is Web Design Apart Of A Degree In Computer Science? Im going to college soon and i love computer i just want to know if computer science includles web design and interactive meadia?

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      Web design is available at every community college. However, not all web design courses are created equal. One colleague was interviewing new web designers a few weeks ago. One applicant in the top 5% of a three year course had never made a website. In fact, being able to make a website from start to finish was not part of this course. To clarify – this college is one of the top 10 in the country, not an online or unaccredited school.

      It is also possible to take 3 years and never learn how to make websites that are Search Engine Friendly. In today’s highly competitive market, SEO is no longer an afterthought. Many business owners want their websites SEO friendly ‘out of the box.’ This means CSS tables, and constructed with embedded seo tools.

      There are jobs for people who only learn coding, if they only want to work in the big companies. However, today’s top web design companies have less than 20 employees. The web designer is responsible for more than just the ‘top end’. You need to know how to build a website from the ground up.

      TIP: If you want to become a web designer, start making websites, now. Building a few websites and blogs which do well, are optimized, and have a lot of traffic, is the only way to ensure that you are employable after you graduate.

      I posted more in my yahoo profile on this topic

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    • Anonymous
    • April 23, 2014

    Is There A Need For Web Design In The Future? I need help with some questions?
    1. is there a need for web design in the future
    2. When was web design first invented?
    3. Do you see a need for this job in the future?

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      Web design is a fairly young profession, although it has links back to the start of the web in 1989 it really started to take off in the late 90’s and has accelerated with popularity ever since in line with the popularity and growth of the internet, in particularly e-commerce.

      Yes there is a good future for the web design industry is healthy and growing, new jobs are being added, but web design is also evolving and as with all technology professions you will need to keep up to speed or your skills with become obsolete.

      The population is growing, meaning that the internet population is growing, meaning that the number of people wanting websites is growing and will continue to do to.

      Potential threats come from companies that offer templates for customers to create their own sites, but as a professional you will always be able to do a better, more professional job, plus so many people are technophobes and simply do not have the time, confidence nor desire to create their own site, so they will use a designer.

      You can also offer add on services such as SEO, hosting, site analysis, social media marketing, content management & website maintenance.

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    • Sandy
    • May 15, 2014

    Graphic Design Vs. Web Design? I am considering a career change and trying to decide between going back to school for Graphic Design or Web Design. I have interest in both print and web so it’s a tough call for me. Any insight on job market, salary, demand, education/experience requirements, or an idea of how to get both wrapped into one… any insight from people who are in the field or know about it would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
    *Also to consider: Currently I have a BA in psychology and a masters in Social Work… so the least amount of money and time being thrown into more education is very important to me. Should I go for an AA, BA, MA, MFA, BFA, or certificate program?

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      This is just my opinion but..
      Web design by a mile. and if you are a fast learner or in to it at all, web DEVELOPMENT.

      Look, I have to tell you.. any teenager with Adobe creative suite can call themselves a graphic designer. The whole point of graphics design school (at least while I was there) was to build a portfolio up so you would have something to show prospective clients / employers. Guess what? You don;t need school for that. You just need a computer and some gumption.

      Web design is whole ‘nother animal. You can do art… that does tricks! Designing a website is far more intricate that simply doing layout. You need to make sure that the layout makes sense and can be used easily. Lots of things.

      The real money is in DEV though.. not design. If you can make a website that can interact with the users…. collect and direct information… maybe some Flex or Actionscript to go with your ASP JAVA and PHP.. You stand to make six figures from home…

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    Thanks For Share This Post !!!

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