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Fridge enables anyone to instantly create simple and private social networks to share photos, messages, and events with friends and groups.
BO.LT lets you ”remix” pages and share them with the people you want to reach.
Toonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom social network.
Create, publish and manage easily your community on your website. Get your own social network in a very short time.
Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use pearltrees to keep at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new contents from people who share your interests, to drive through your own web.
Your single Swimwire page can list and link all your online profiles, making it easier to stay connected. Your free profile can automatically connect with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to bringing all your social networks together to one place. Help people find you, anytime, anywhere, online.
Bebo is a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment. Members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out.
SocialGO lets you easily create and run a feature-filled social networking website. You choose who can join, what they can do and how it looks. The best part is it’s free to get going.
Discover, create and use social networks to get things done Socialtext People gives you social networking with your colleagues at work.
Instead of being centered on individuals, MIXTT is centered on groups. Essentially, you and your group of friends meet another group of friends.
Sixent makes it easy for people to share their lives online the way they want by giving users the ability to create multiple profiles to show different sides of themselves to different people. These profiles are tied to pages, groups and content (like blog posts, photos and videos) that users can selectively share with their diverse contact network.
mixxt helps you create your own social network. Just as you would like it: Design, features, lots of privacy and many more options.
Friendster is a leading global online social network focused on helping people stay in touch with friends and discover new people and things that are important to them.
On Netlog, you can create your own account with pictures, blogs, a guestbook, and much more. You can find people from your area, expand your friends network, or find people having the same interests as you.
Six groups enables you to start your own community, about every topic, available to everyone – it’s fast, easy and for free.
Microblogging has taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world now share their thoughts with friends, family, and random strangers every day.
Band together with friends and colleagues to exchange ideas, network, and collaborate in real time private communities.

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WordPress Templates
If you are using self-hosted WordPress (that is, you have downloaded it from and installed it on your own server space) you can find hundreds of free templates to use. You can also use the default template as a base for building your own.

If you are using, which is the hosted service, you cannot install your own template. There are a number of templates to chose from however the HTML cannot be changed.

BUT, even so, allows you to change headers and images, and also to customise the template’s CSS. Using the CSS you can achieve just about any look you want.

The instructions for how to access the CSS and how to change it are here:

If you are not sure how to work with CSS just do a search on the Net – there are thousands of good tutorials around that can help.

WordPress Templates
I’m a project manager that has worked with Web Designers.

There seems to be two flavors. First, there are the purely graphical folks that work on web site layouts and graphic art, collectively known as ‘creative’. Obviously, this requires more of an artistic / visual side. Second, there are designers that bring the visuals to life with web technologies like ASP, AJAX, JavaScript and many other tools. This requires a balance of a structured thinking and creativity.

Both types of designers should expect to stay current on design trends and techniques.

The salary is all over the place depending on the market. In Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas), you can expect to make between $50-65K annual salary.

Here’s a general Job Description for a Web Designer:
Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques. Maintains and provides ongoing design of the website, promos and ad banners. May require a bachelor’s degree in a related area and 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision; typically reports to a manager. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required.

WordPress Templates
If you don’t want your site to look like a blog the best themes to use are what are called “magazine style themes”. These are very popular among WordPress users and many of them are very configurable which makes it easy to put your own stamp on your site’s appearance.

Two good resources with lists and screenshots of free WordPress themes are:

20 Of The Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

20 Of The Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

WordPress has recently released version 2.7. Not all free themes have been updated for this release so when you find the theme you like check it against the list of themes that are known to be compatible with 2.7 here:

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5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Blog Post
If you use WordPress, or Blogger, or any other modern blogging tool for that matter, the search engines are “pinged” and know right away that you have made a post. So, don’t worry about submitting it to search engines manually (and for heaven’s sake, don’t pay someone who claims to do that)!

In general, the best method nowadays is to generate some social traffic. Post a link to you post to Facebook, Twitter, pin your post’s featured image to Pinterest.

Catchy Headlines
Business Models are simulations of actual business functioning.
They act as ideal real life examples,and help participants actively discuss the pros and cons of the situation given.

A business Model gives a Full Account of any particular Business Scenario. Readers of this model/ Participants are then asked to discuss the strengths and weaknessess of it. Put it simply, one has to SWOT analyze the Business Model based on different parameters.

Each participant comes up with his/her own views on the subject. Cumulative views and different view points are then listed and ranked based on their importance and relevance.

Thus at the end of the session, a business models suitability and viability is drafted and conclusions are drawn thereon.

The more the Business Model Analysis a person does, the more exposed he gets to real life corporate situations.
Hence it is said, that Business Models act as Good Simulators.

Search Engine Optimization
A search engine is a service provided by some company (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) which will search through millions of web pages for keywords that a person types into a field. For instance, if I type “Puppy” into a search box on Google’s web site, there are currently 40,800,000 matches available. If the search provider has a good search algorithm in their software, then the most relevant pages should be listed first. In my case, I’m a happy searcher, because after the Google Image samples, the first result listed is the Puppy Linux website, which is the only Puppy I would ever be searching for online. Most search providers keep track of what websites people will actually visit after doing a search. They then use the results to make sure those pages are closer to the top of the list for the next time someone searches for the same keyword(s).

Image search optimization is about using images on your website to draw more “click-throughs” from the search provider, thereby raising your rank in the search list. This, in turn, helps to ensure that you keep getting more visits to your site. A neat article I just found by typing “image search optimization” into Google Search is linked below.

New York Skyline
Below is a link with pictures of the NYC skyline.

A view of city of great magnitude rises out of the open like a curtain for a show that always staging the world’s greatest act, you immerse yourself as one of the players of the greatest city in the world.

Business Niche – Adding Content for SEO
Fefoo is not a search engine, its an application that helps you search better. It uses the traditional search engines to search. You search on categories and your search is more refined from the time you start searching. In case you don’t use categories it works like a normal search engine.
Springo is a Web shortcutting tool that empowers users to rapidly and easily navigate to the best websites for any purpose.

Welcome to Viewzi

Each view contains a set of results that are displayed visually – and each view has a different perspective.
Yoozila is a powerful new search engine. It’s primary purpose is to provide you with relevant results and present them in a fresh web 2.0 beautiful manner.
FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.

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