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Character Weapon Design? It’s 5 in the morning when I’m …

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Character Weapon Design? It’s 5 in the morning when I’m writing this so you can tell this is important and that sleep isn’t an issue lol, but if you take the time to read this your help is very much appreciated. Okay, currently I am designing (rough, very rough, sketching i can’t draw worth shit) the blade designs of the characters in a story I’m writing. One of the most intriguing of them is… well, basically arm blades. The blades mirror each other in that the outer blade (the one facing the right side of his right forearm and left side of his left forearm) are the length of his arm from his knuckles to his elbows while the inside blade (the one on the side of the thumbs) is from his knuckles to 2 1/2 inches past his wrist, so roughly 5 1/2 inches interior, 14 inches exterior. The problem being is that this is his primary weapon of choice and being who he is, he always carries a weapon with him so I’m “designing” it so that it can simply look like he has something on his arm until the blades extend out and you realize how lethal they are. The blades are curved since they’re designed for slicing in close combat and pointed enough so that if he punches and makes contact, they stab. In here lies the problem. I can’t seem to design it right so that it can lay on his arm and not get in the way of normal activities and at the same time be able to slice and stab when in a combat situation. So I ask of those kind enough to answer, (and I know this may be stupid but) is there a flexible type of metal? Something that when he needs to retract his weapon will be straight but when needed comes out curved and strong? It needs to be able to take intense damage and at the same time not flop around because of its flexibility, price means nothing in the story because of the person he has making the weapon for him however I would like to know if such a metal exists. And if you could or even instead of the previously mentioned, either describe or link a design you believe would work? It can be something that wraps around his arm, simply attaches, anything really. Just include the specifications of the blades (remember they are curved) and you have free reign on design. I’m going to continue working and deprive myself of sleep :D. Your help is very much appreciated.

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