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Jobs in web design are hard to get because of …

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Jobs in web design are hard to get because of the competition. Many people can do it, and you’d be competing against companies who offer professional services with teams of programmers and graphic designers. The amount of work that a freelancer or part-timer can get hired for is slim, unless you are highly talented at programming or graphic design and can stand above the crowd. You might get some small jobs for small companies if you are talented and lucky, but it might not be enough to count as part time work. You can take web design classes for fun, to boost your resume, or to apply to a web design company if your are skilled, but as a part time job there is too much competition to guarantee regular work.

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Web Design Professionals
Web design is a wonderful career choice, and you can earn a good living from this career if you can build up a good amount of clients or get into a well established company.

Just as you, I taught myself web design and it took me years to build up my skills and attract attention from various individuals before I started to make a decent living from it. However, I only consider is as a side job, since most employers in my area will only hire someone who has had formal experience through college or university. To get your name out, post flyers, or put ads in your local newspaper our on web communities. Show others your work and go from there. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

Web Design Professionals
Dreamweaver is the standard for Web Design.

Visual Studio is a web Development tool, not a design tool. The difference is pretty crucial. Designers make it pretty, developers make it work.

Flex and Coldfusion are along the same lines, although together they handle Flash Applications, and could be thought of as both design and development…but frankly, if you are using Flash as a design tool, you are asking for trouble (although that might just be me being old-fashioned).

Applications for websites are exactly that…they are programmed, interactive applications run from a browser. Heck, Yahoo Answers is a web application.

Web Design Professionals
A web designer is just someone who knows how to code the files so yes, if that was all you wanted to do then fine, however, that would be reflected in your price tag. Small companies will often offer an entire package, when if it is just you, you would be responsible for starting the designs and building the files, all the way to the finished product and the client having a fully-functional website. If, however, you work for a larger company then you are more likely to have a specific job which may well be just the coding aspect. Then you would hand over to whoever is in charge of hosting etc.

You could by all means just offer a service where you just make the files, however, a lot of people would then be unsure what to do from there so are more likely to opt for a “full package” service.

As to price, web design falls in a bit of a hole. If you go to the right place, you could get something like that for around the £100 mark. Or you could be charged as much as £1500. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that a larger price tag means a superior product. When looking for a web designer, look at the quality of their portfolio and compare that to several others.

General expectations? That part is really just common sense. As long as you remain professional and well-mannered you should be fine. You should also try to give a bug-free finished product. If you charge consultation fees to fix bugs that are your fault (as you coded it) that is bad business practice and a very quick way to loose clients. As a final note, give the customer what they want. even if you disagree, it is their website to mess up at the end of the day. By all means, voice your concerns but if the customer is happy, thats your priority.

Bit of a lengthy answer but I hope that helped.

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