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More and more people are designing websites now that people are getting more computer literate and websites are becoming more important. However, before you decide to jump into the web design pool you should first consider some features of your website so that you know how to approach what you are making.

The first thing you should consider is what your goal of the website will be. Are you making a personal webpage like an online scrapbook, a business website to sell goods and services, or something that you’re just doing for fun? This is a very important aspect to think about because you are going to have to take different approaches to design depending on what you want your website to be. Business websites should be clean, easy to navigate, secure, and simple to actually buy products or services. However if you’re just creating a website for fun that only you and your friends will see, it’s easier to goof off and experiment with different design techniques since there isn’t quite as much at stake.

Another thing you must consider is whether you believe this website will attract many children visitors. If you create a website that has a lot of flash games on it, chances are that you will attract some children to your website. Clearly in this situation you shouldn’t post risque content or constantly swear in your blog posts. However, if your website is clearly something that kids will have no interest in then it will be easier for you to post content that appeals mainly to adults with no concern for whether or not it is family-friendly.

In today’s world the mobile industry is huge. Because of this, more people are browsing their internet on their mobile phones and not just on their computer monitors. You should probably take this into consideration when designing your website. Many professional websites out there will have two different websites, one designed for computer screens and one designed for smaller mobile screens. The mobile websites are usually less flashy, simple, and easier to navigate than their counterparts.

Think about whether you want to actually market and advertise your website or not. If you’re just starting your business you shouldn’t expect people to flock to your website just because it is there. You have to find a way to get your name out there. If you’re just making a website for fun then you likely won’t be quite as concerned when it comes to the marketing aspect of creating a website.

Figure out whether you know what you’re doing or if it would be a better plan to just hire a professional to do it. It’s probably a good idea to hire a professional for business websites unless you are really confident in your abilities, but professionals also take some of the fun out of websites that you’re running just for pleasure.

It’s tempting in today’s world to jump into website design, but first you must actually understand what you are doing. Apply the knowledge you just learned from the above article to have a better understanding of creating a website that will work for you.

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    • Johan R
    • December 13, 2013

    Is It Illegal To Post Information On Fake Employees On A Business Website? Say someone wanted to give the appearance that their business was bigger than one or two people. Would it be illegal to post pictures (assuming those images are self-taken or public domain) and brief blurbs on a business website about non-existent employees? The “employees” would be entirely fictional, except for the pictures, of course.

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      • Admin
      • December 13, 2013

      While it is not a crime, you will be held liable in a civil suit it the person or company you are providing the service to finds out about it.

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    • Mary
    • December 30, 2013

    Where On The Internet Can I Market My Business Website For Free Beside Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin? Is there a list of other sites I can put my business website on?

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      • Admin
      • December 30, 2013

      Lots of ways to marketing your website for free:

      Create videos and post to youtube & other video websites (create videos related to your website, tutorials, tips, anything especially if it’s funny, newsworthy, controversial, etc)

      Create and submit articles to article directories
      Create and submit press releases to press release directories
      Join forums in your niche and put website in signature
      Comment on high traffic blogs in your niche (leaving link in website url field)

      Submit articles to story websites like

      Create short ebooks and submit them to ebook directories


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    • Abuelita
    • December 31, 2013

    What Is The Easiest Web Design Software? I don’t have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. I know some html, but not much. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? Am I asking for too much? Thank you!

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      • Admin
      • December 31, 2013

      I have been coding HTML for about 6 years. Started with Notepad as my editing program. Have recently decided to take some formal instructions in coding HTML and CSS. Notepad is the ONLY editing program permitted for the class. So it is back to Notepad.

      However, years ago after doing 2 web sites I finally started using HTML-Kit, a free program from It will require that you know something about HTML tags and code structure.

      There is no software that will produce for you professional appearing web designs right out of the box. It will become necessary for you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, php and perhaps more.

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    • RJL
    • January 8, 2014

    Why Is It Important To Be Computer Literate? Why is it important to be computer literate in today’s society and in business world( more specifically the marketing industry)?

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    1. Reply

      Computers are TOOLS
      so much of the record keeping
      & memos ( etc… ) are on the computers,
      so if you can not effectively use the tool
      it kind of puts you at a disadvantage.

      Please read ( answer ) my question

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    • SCOTT
    • January 24, 2014

    What Is The Highest Resolution Computer Monitor? What is the highest resolution computer monitor available on the commercial market. I am not talking about custom-built monitors used in research etc.
    I am not talking about the largest sized monitor.

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    1. Reply

      Highest resolution I’ve ever seen on a standard monitor is 2560×1440, used in the 27″ iMacs and several high-end 30″ displays.

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    • Psla T
    • January 27, 2014

    Can I Start An Online Business Website While Staying And Working In Ireland? I have an Irish Employment Permit for 3 years to work for a particular employer only in Rep. of Ireland. Can I easily start my e-business website? Is it illegal? Can I own any other source of income like doing some online trade? I mean not as a big company. Just as a startup only.

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    1. Reply

      Yes you can, but only while you are continuing your existing job.

      If your online business prospers to the point where you can give up your job, you would need to apply for a new employment permit if you intend to stay in RI.

      As long as you can show you are contributing to the economy, it shouldn’t be a problem.

      In other words make sure you declare your online income and pay the relevant tax.

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    • Shapna B
    • February 22, 2014

    How Do Link Your Business Website? Linking your website to other business

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      • Admin
      • February 22, 2014

      Contact the other businesses and ask if you can put links on your website to them… (Most don’t mind the free advertising).

      Then ask if they’ll link to you too. Some bigger websites have pages that give FAQ’s about “Affiliates” or something like that. Some websites want to check you out fully before putting a link on their site to your website.

      If they are all “mom and pop” operations, then most don’t seem to mind. Just be sure to try to link to and from good content. Learn how to write the code for the links that will attract the search engine points.

      Do a search for Search Engine Optimization and read up!

      Good luck!


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    • Sombeach
    • April 1, 2014

    To ALL U MUCH MORE COMPUTER LITERATE People Out There, Plezzzz Help!!? If im on a certain websight(like dating service or ??) & someone else has my username & passw. for this sight & they try to log in at same time what wud happen?

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    1. Reply

      It depends on how the site is set up. Alot of sites will allow multiple sessions. Some sites will indicate the account is already logged in. The site may even track based off IP address.
      Here’s how you can test it on one machine.
      Open IE and log into the site as you normally would.
      Open Firefox (Install Firefox if you have to) and log into the session again.
      If the site is not tracking based on IP address you may get 2 sessions. If not, you’ll have your answer. Either Firefox will allow you in and you can confirm this if IE is still active. or, you’ll get an error message indicating your already logged on.

      Right now, I have my Yahoo email opened on the same computer, one in Firefox, one in Maxthon broswer and one in IE.

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    • Masterbrown2002
    • May 2, 2014

    Best Free Websites For Business? Hi,
    I need a website for my business, it does’nt need to have a shopping cart or anything, just for putting the business details on etc. I don’t have much skill when it comes to designing a webpage but have used bravenet and the bravenet wizard before, I would use bravenet again but it’s not excactly proffesional for business. So my question is what is the best free website thats easy to use?

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    1. Reply

      A business Web site should need be hosted by a free site since it comes with advertisements and you will not get your own domain. But if you choose to do so you should learn HTML and you can for free at

      You will also need an HTML editor, Adobe Dreamweaver is the best and comes with a 30 day trial.

      The best free one is NVU

      Then you need to find a host, I have several of the most popular free hosts listed below. If you need your own domain and you are willing to pay a nominal fee then would be your best option.

      If you would like a free domain, visit and register your domain. It will end in .tk rather than .com since nobody offers this for free. Hosting companies have to have a way to make money.

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    • Lanners91
    • May 20, 2014

    Emachines Computer And Monitor Help Please!?!?!? I have a emachine ET1161-07 with a eview 17F3 monitor but every couple of hours my monitor with stop working randomly and have to turn the whole computer off and back to get it to work again it says Power saving enabled monitor will shut off or something then it will say check pc self test and its really gay because i can be in the middle of something and it will just shut off what can i do to stop this from happening????

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    1. Reply

      Hmmm, turn the computer off to fix the monitor……

      The monitor, and the computer are two different entities, therefore this issue is either with

      1) the monitor (which means you may need a new monitor)


      2) the computer (most likely the graphics card…)

      I have run accross an article that may help

      suggesting updating your system (if you have Vista Installed), even if not getting the updates from windows won’t hurt

      Also ensuring you have the proper graphics driver (try reinstalling it)

      Reset the display’s refresh rate in the Windows Control Panel. Do not use a refresh rate that is not supported by your monitor or damage may result.

      Unplug the PC and make sure the graphics card is securely and properly installed into it’s slot. – if applicable

      I hope this helps….

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    • Joel
    • May 23, 2014

    Website Design And Deployment.? Greetings.
    Does anyone know of a company or organization that provides training for website design and development.

    For my T.I.E.S club at school where wanting to throw an event where students can come and learn about website design, development from an orientation.
    What I’m really looking for from the “providers” is a complete step-thru of the process. Everything from the types of design software like Dream Weaver, uploading the design files, hosting/finding host, methods to do e-commerce from the website.
    Essentially the whole shabang for web site deployment for the absolute newbie.

    Thanks for any suggestions/answer

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    1. Reply

      There are many companies that would love to TAKE your money.

      That’s why i’m answering this one from my experiences.


      DECIDE on the name of your site.

      You can check for available names at on the WHOIS button. For example, in the field, type

      If it comes up with no information then that website name is avail for you to register under.
      HERE’s what it says….No match for domain “SPELLCHECKER2000.COM”.

      That means you are free to register this site.

      Setup the design for your site which includes how many pages, and who will be the technical contact for it.

      ***THIS IS ULTRA IMPORTANT*** You and the technical contact must both have copies of the ALL the information used to setup and login to ur site BECAUSE if only your technical contact has that info then they can SERIOUSLY force you to pay extra for future administrator costs. I have seen this happen so many times!

      EVERYTHING must be known by you down to the smallest DETAIL!!! such as secret questions and answers!!

      And i’ve been in a mode where i’ve helped people extricate themselves from situations where administrators kept charging large amounts of cash for small changes in the sites.

      Ecommerce is a such a simple term for the internet, most people dont realize that it costs big money to set it up and keep it going unless you have lots of cash to setup and admin a Merchant account. We are talking 40 to 70 dollars a month to keep up a Merchant account. This is for a low volume of 100 to 500 customers.
      Many merchant companies may ask you to get into a CONTRACT, this has to be looked into.

      You see, when someone gives u a cred card number, that info has to be checked to see if it will pay off and clear. If it doesnt, then sometimes the clearing company may even charge you a fee too for bad info.

      How do you help avoid bad info? You should get ur site secured with a Thawte Certificate and SSL 512 bit to 1024 bit encryption enabled.

      WHEN YOU SETUP a website there are 2 ways to HOST it. 1) Most people depend on a hosting server, and pay that company a monthly or annual fee for a fixed number of years to keep the site up and running. OR 2) You could setup the server yourself, if you have the money and time and resources to get a STATIC address from your ISP company. Once that is done then you would be placing ur site into ur server and you have to have a backup system, such as an APC UPS to keep it running 24/7. Most people dont do this.

      Who’s hosting it and who will be the admin for it.
      Will the technical contact be the same as the admin?
      How much do you pay for setup and admin?
      Who will take care of future changes and the cost for this?
      Ecommerce Merchant account setup and fees.
      Final location and Copies of the site in case of emergencies.

      The world runs on money. You should start reading everything at OR goto your local library in the internet section, they have 100’s of books on setting up websites.

      BUt they wont tell u the WARNINGS that i told u.

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    • Kanex
    • May 25, 2014

    How Much Will Cost To Run A Professional Business Website? I am planning to run a business website. But I don’t know anything about the cost. I am not talking about designing the website or maintenance. I am talking about hosting etc..Could you please give some information.

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    1. Reply

      Well, it depends on how much you want to spend.

      1. If you’re from the UK I recommend They are one of the leading European hosting companies (hosting over 500 000 websites), and they currently have a promotion in the UK. They are offering free hosting and a domain (You have to pay the £9.50 setup fee and that’s it). Every plan includes Photo Gallery, WebEditor (so you can build a website without knowledge of HTML), Google Adwords coupon (so you can advertise your website on google for free) and a lot more. Check them out.

      P.S. They are running this promotion in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and India so if you’re from one of these countries you can get really cheap web hosting.

      2. For $5-$10 I recommend Dreamhost

      Their standard price is $119.40/year ($9.95/month if you pay yearly) but they currently have a promotion. You can use the promo code PLUS at sign up page and get the $50 discount + 2 Free domain names. This way you get them for $69.40/year ($5.78/month). You can use their huge Disk Space and host unlimited number of subdomains and domains on a single plan.

      Disk space: 500 GB
      Bandwidth: 5000 GB
      2 Free domain names
      Price: $5.78/month ($69.40/year)

      3. If you’re willing to pay $20+/monthly for hosting I recommend:

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