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Website Design Tips That Can Help Your Ranking

by Web Designer Whenever you think of website design, you are probably considering how a website looks on the outside. If you are an HTML programmer, you might think that this refers to the programming that is used to create the site that we all see. In reality, website design also refers to a type […]

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Thursday Thought: Customer, Product, Victim?

This thought comes from Uncommon Wisdom, and it is certainly very wise. They ask, “Are you the Customer? Or, are you the Product?” Think about it the next time you decide you’re going to go online and search for your next purchase. You may think of yourself as the shopper or the customer, but remember […]

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It’s Cycling TIme

Morning workout: 30 minutes on the elliptical, 308 calories. Followed that with a shoulder/calves workout – lateral raise/calves/press. Two sets of each. Had to cut it short because I was running late. Thinking about Curated Comments plugin. I need to encapsulate all of the functions into a single PHP file, all Yahoo related. Title can […]

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Marissa Mayer: Saving Yahoo?

Is Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s savior? Back in the day, I was a Yahoo freak. This was back when AOL was spamming our mailboxes with their crappy little disks (I must have collected about 50 of them), and there was no such think as a “homepage” if you weren’t part of AOL’s little “network”. That is, […]

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