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Thursday Thought: Customer, Product, Victim?

This thought comes from Uncommon Wisdom, and it is certainly very wise. They ask, “Are you the Customer? Or, are you the Product?” Think about it the next time you decide you’re going to go online and search for your next purchase. You may think of yourself as the shopper or the customer, but remember […]

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Tuesday Trivia on Thursday

Ooops. Missed it. Well here goes. Mosquitos like… The color blue. So, if you’re camping or picnicking, I guess blue jeans are not the best choice for wear (or BSU gear :)) Chasing the dream. Probably best known for the Vacation movies and his stint on Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase was an early drummer […]

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Tuesday Trivia

I like trivia. (I also likes puns. But, I’m not sure I want to subject anyone to that kind of drivel:)). In fact, I like trivia so much that my wife has purchased a dozen “bathroom readers” over the years to keep me… uh…. occupied. So, I’m going to start a new feature – Tuesday […]

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