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Happy Violin Day to You…

Yep, it’s violin day. Hmmm. Guess I’ll celebrate – maybe a couple Kansas tunes? For fun, here’s a few fun violin related products. Enjoy! 1. Violin For Dummies, 2nd Edition The bestselling guide to teaching yourself the violin just got better Despite being one of the most popular musical instruments for budding musicians, the violin […]

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Bottom Right Corner

Anyone can build a web site today, but that doesn’t mean they do it right. When a site is created with the best knowledge at play, it will be successful and popular. If you create a site without doing your research first, it will be doomed to failure. This article will help you determine how […]

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Cascading Style Sheets

Anyone who is new to web design may find the whole situation overwhelming. It seems like there are a million things to learn before you even start coding your pages. While this may be frustrating, the following article spells out the basics for you, ensuring that you know enough to get started on your web […]

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YouTube Idea

Next I have to deal with the actual combine procedure. I was thinking of connecting the BC400 formats with the HHBATPF table so tag types will automatically match the tag formats. That, along with the video and the Wikipedia link, need to be enough to get the page ranked (or, at least, thats the theory). […]

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