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The Walking Dead: Good, Bad, Evil, Good

SPOILERS. Wow. Another shocking episode. “Kill, or be killed. Or die, and then kill.” So, season 3 is officially done, and once again we have to bid adieu to some characters. Poor Milton, I was hoping he would eventually join Rick’s group at the prison, but the “Guvnah” took care of that. And Andrea? Milton […]

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The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya

SPOILERS. This is one of the things I love about The Walking Dead – I never know what’s coming next . It’s simply nothing like other series I’ve watched in the past. Most shows “telegraph” what’s coming up next, and more often than not I know where the plot is going long before it gets […]

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The Walking Dead: The “Andrea”sode

This reminded me a bit of what used to happen with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Every so often the writers would create and episode that centered around a specific character – like a “Warf”isode, or a “Data”sode. Episode 14: “Prey” In this episode, we follow Andrea‘s actions as she tries to tries to estrange […]

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