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Structured Loops in CLLE (CLP For “Oldsters” :)

For many years we RPG coders were constantly reminded (pestered, really) about structured coding techniques. We were harassed about avoiding goto’s (an RPG II programmer’s best friend), replacing them with structured blocks (if, else, end, do, etc. – but don’t go too deep!) – and to emphasize subroutines (later functions and procedures). And while this […]

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Free Format RPG ILE Alternatives to the TIME Opcode

// V5R2:. Wtime = %Dec(% Char(% Time(): * ISO0):6:0); < In my programs, I produce a data structure like this: D DS D Dtime 14 0 D Wdate 8 0 Overlay( Dtime). D Wtime 6 0 Overlay( Dtime: * Next). Ive been utilizing TIME to assign a worth to Dtime, then I utilize Wtime and […]

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