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Common Craigslist Scams

Recently, I’ve been listing various items on Craigslist. I’ve been getting a lot of these replies: From: craigslist reply Re: item for sale Is the item still available? Email me at Sent from my iphone One even went as far as far as including  Sent from my HTC One™ X, an AT&T 4G LTE […]

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Web Design Software

Anyone who wants to learn more about web design will find the following article full of golden information. When you are first starting out, it can be hard to determine what you need to learn. This article spells it all out in detail so you can quickly pick up on the basics. Keep reading to […]

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Google Glass. Super Cool.

Remember the Terminator movies – how “Arnold” (the Terminator) would look at stuff and get all kinds of dials and gauges and instructions that appeared in his field of vision? But they didn’t block his vision in any way? Wasn’t that cool? Google is announcing “Google Glass”, and implementation of this kind of technology, will […]

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Tuesday Trivia on Thursday

Ooops. Missed it. Well here goes. Mosquitos like… The color blue. So, if you’re camping or picnicking, I guess blue jeans are not the best choice for wear (or BSU gear :)) Chasing the dream. Probably best known for the Vacation movies and his stint on Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase was an early drummer […]

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