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IBM stops work on facial recognition over human rights concerns

Krishna’s letter was part of a broader call on Congress to push for broader police accountability and conduct reforms, including some that were already part of the recently introduced Justice in Policing Act of 2020. The move comes in the midst of protests over police brutality and discrimination, and not long after Clearview AI’s facial […]

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Structured Loops in CLLE (CLP For “Oldsters” :)

For many years we RPG coders were constantly reminded (pestered, really) about structured coding techniques. We were harassed about avoiding goto’s (an RPG II programmer’s best friend), replacing them with structured blocks (if, else, end, do, etc. – but don’t go too deep!) – and to emphasize subroutines (later functions and procedures). And while this […]

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What’s Up With Microsoft?

I disagreed. I explained that IBM had had the ability to achieve numerous releases of its OS/400 os without forcing all of its customers to relocate to upgrade all of their software application running on the system. Sure, there were a few circumstances of incompatibility, but they could be handled fairly quickly. How to make […]

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