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Expertise and The View from Below

(This post was created as an experiment using the WPMU Prefill Post Templates plugin). I answered (well, tried to answer anyway) a question posed in a LinkedIn Social Media group today. The question was basically, “If starting from scratch, what would you need (equipment, software, etc) to grow a big Social Media presence online”? In […]

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8 Secrets to Success in Life and Work

This was sent to me in PDF form by an internet marketer who goes by the name Peter Sz. I took the liberty of changing the layout and some of the text. In 1997, when author Michael Jeffreys was prepping for an upcoming book, he took the time to  personally interview 15 top motivational experts. […]

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PaleoDiet Notes

< map wp-tag-caption id ="" align="alignright" width="130"/ wp-end-tag > At this point individuals transitioned to a farming society and ate primarily wheat and barley. These carbohydrates are fermentable, and motivate respected development of only a few kinds of germs in the mouth. These types surpassed the others, creating a fairly homogeneous oral bacterial population. Ancient […]

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Are You Losing Your Health Coverage?

Obamacare Fail: CBO Predicts Drops in Health Coverage( blogs.the-american-interest. com). Senator Says We Should Sacrifice Obamacare To Avoid Sequester( Much for President Obamas promise that “if you like your healthcare strategy, you can keep your healthcare strategy.” A 2011 study discovered that 30 percent of employers would “certainly or most likely” drop coverage after […]

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