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Do You Blog For Fun Or Is It A Money Making Enterprise?

by Guest Blogger When people first start writing a blog a lot of them believe it will be effortless and that somehow it will automatically attract visitors. A great many also think that it is possible to make money by blogging without expending any extra effort. The reality is not quite that simple though. For […]

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10 Fun Things to do With Beer (Besides Drinking It)

This post was inspired by an article I read called “For What Ales You”. A bad pun is always worth repeating 🙂 1. Clean Copper Pots I wish I could try this, but we haven’t owned a copper bottom pot for years. Apparently, the mild acidity in beer is good for cleaning copper. Just pour […]

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Fun Superbowl for Me

The Packers aren’t in it, and neither is New England. So… For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have absolutely no cares going into this Superbowl. I really don’t care who wins, and I will be watching mostly for the commercials – that, and to see if Kaep can live […]

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