Responsive Web Design: The New Default Of Website Content

by Web Designer By now, you should notice that nothing in terms of web design lasts forever. You see trends go in and out of favor just like any other faced-paced businesses. How people used to view typical web design is no longer considered the norm. New and better ways of designing have taken center […]

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How Content Management Systems Have Revolutionized Web Design

by Web Designer At one time websites were built using HTML and hardcoded with a homepage as a central hub and a number of subpages linked from a navigation menu. This method produced websites that loaded quickly and, with a little tweaking, produced a perfectly acceptable result. It was the only means of publishing pages […]

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The Benefits Of Using A Content Management System

by Web Designer The way webpages and websites are constructed has changed considerably over the last decade or so. Hard-coded HTML pages which were once so popular have largely been replaced with content management systems, or CMS for short. Many platforms are available for creating CMS and in this article we explore and discuss their […]

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Content Schedule

As you want to get into blogging, you are going to realize that there are many things you must think about in order to get started. While some of them are going to come to you as you continue along, you want to be as prepared as possible from the beginning. Keep reading in order […]

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