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How to Colorize Your Source Code in SEU

Yes, I’m perfectly aware there are numerous advanced editors available that handle RPG and CL, and perform the syntax checking we are all familiar with using SEU. However, it’s not always possible to use RSE or the other editors in all situations. Some companies may not want 3rd party software and editors accessing their iSeries, […]

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Code Loads

So many people pour money into creating a website when it is totally unnecessary. There are many free tools available which allow you to build your site at little to no cost. It is finding the best tools which ensures that you get a great site as a result of your hard work. Read on […]

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PHP/MYSQL String Tricks

Heres a couple things I constantly forget. Im including them here so Ill have them for future reference. How to “Scan and Replace” a String in MYSQL ( Note the AS400-ish phrasing of that title). Big Note: Be really mindful of serialized information !!!! ( I actually utilized the code above to “transfer” a lot […]

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