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Boise State University

The Prodigal Son Returns. Bryan Harsin

So, it’s true. Boise native, former player, and former offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin returns to become the head football coach at Boise State. Here’s my take (FWIW). When Coach Petersen was lured away to the University of Washington, my initial assumption was that former BSU coach Dirk Koetter, former BSU defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, and former […]

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Go, Go, Go Joe Southwick

Joe Southwick Called Starter College Football Top 25( Southwick: “Thats something Coach Pete and me have actually spoken about, limiting turnovers and not taking sacks– those are 2 categories in college football and the NFL that determine a lot of what occurs in a football video game. If we can enhance in those 2 […]

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An Open Letter to Motorists in Boise (or Anywhere, Really)

Understand this – when you drive by somebody on a bikes, and shout something out of an open window, all we actually hear is “Aaaak”. We cant hear and distinguish anything more than a syllable, much less a sentence. The next time you desire to drive by me and shout “Fag!” or “Idiot!” or “Get […]

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