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Stephanie’s Review!, May 1, 2014
This review is from: The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media (Paperback)
I thought that this book had a lot of valuable information about different social media platforms and their privacy policies, however at times I thought it was not a very engaging read. It was great for detailed information in terms of breaking down each media platform and taking a look into their business models, technology, ownership, users and governance. I also thought that it was good if you are interested in the history of technology and social media. It not only gives you the background of social media and how it started, but somewhat of technology itself. She talks about the development of the World Wide Web by Tim Burners Lee, which is crucial for the start of social media. It takes a deep look into how each platform operates and how they will continue to progress forward with this push of social media. It talks about how social media is what we will all be using in the future and its important as marketers and PR people to get rid of the digital divide that we still have going on. We want everyone to be able to understand social media and how it works because that is our future. We will be doing most things online and through connectivity.


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