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Learning About Social Media Marketing

Learning About Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet

I really needed to learn a new way to market my online business. I had my business up and running for a few months and I was not getting the kind of traffic that I wanted. I had put everything into this business so I was really hoping that it would be profitable for me. I asked my online forum friends what they recommended and they told me to look into social media marketing. I decided to give it some research and learned a lot of things that I should do to get into marketing my business via the very popular social media sites.

The first thing I needed to do was figure out where my audience would be. I really did not know so I asked my friends what they thought. I also put a survey up on my site to see what kind of response I got. Then, I looked at businesses similar to mine to see where they were most active. I found some really helpful information.

Social Media

After that, I created my profile page on the social media network. I learned that I needed to make it as professional as possible since it might be the first impression of my business that some people got. I made sure I added as much information as I could and I also proofread it to make sure there were no spelling or grammatical errors. I added pictures, too. I wanted my fans to see what my business was all about and what we had to offer. I thought pictures would be very helpful. I added captions to the pictures, too to make sure that anyone who viewed them knew exactly what they were looking at.

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Then, I wanted to get as many people to follow me as I could. I asked my friends and family members to follow me. I also asked them to share my page with their family and friends. I knew the more people that saw my page the better. In my newsletter I let my readers know about my new page and I really started to get a lot of attention that way. I wanted even more followers so I ran a contest. After I got a certain amount of fans on my page I gave away a 0 gift certificate. This really got me a lot of fans.

I learned that I should be active on my page. I made a post about once or twice each day. At first I was not getting a lot of posts on my page, but I started encouraging it and asking questions and more and more people were posting comments and such on my site. I was happy to learn about my fans and to communicate with them. I tried to answer all questions and respond to comments within a few hours because I knew that my audience would really appreciate that.

I really thought that this social media marketing was working. I was so glad my friends mentioned it and I took the time to research it.

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