Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing

Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet

It’s very easy to get involved in social media marketing. After all, using the sites is free, and most people are familiar with the sites because they use them personally. In fact, social media marketing is a great way to communicate with customers, because most people belong to at least one social media site.

However, because the sites are so easy to use, it can be really easy to make grave mistakes that damage your brand and your reputation. That’s why this article was written. Here are some mistakes you have to avoid when you use social media to do your marketing.

The first mistake a lot of people make is to forget to be professional. Sure, you might use Facebook for your own personal reasons. However, you have to remember that when you are using Facebook on behalf of your business, you really need to keep in mind that you are a business owner. That means you don’t post off-color jokes or pictures of your children unless you know for a fact that your target market would be enriched by what you are posting. If you don’t know what your target market would enjoy, you need to do a bit more work with defining your target market.

Social Media

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring people. Social media is fundamentally social. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that when people follow you, you follow them back. When they comment on something you’ve written, comment back. Engaging with people can create loyalty, since a lot of businesses make this mistake.

Avoid never posting new information. In the world of social media, things move fast. That means your post from three weeks ago was forgotten about…three weeks ago. If you want to stay fresh in people’s minds, you need to make sure you’re posting regularly. You don’t want to overdo it, but you do have to actually do it!

Make sure you don’t make the mistake of posting boring things that have been seen before. Part of the reason that social media works so well is that your followers can share your information with their networks, which gives you a whole new audience. However, that can’t happen if you never post anything worth sharing. Check out news sites and blogs in your industry to make sure you catch all the things that are going on, that your customers would want to know about.

Avoid ignoring the competition. You have to always know what your competition is doing; not so you copy them, but so you know how you can zig when they zag. This is a great way to see what works and doesn’t work for someone who is in a similar situation to you.

After reading this article, you should be better prepared to avoid these social media marketing mistakes. If you stay away from those mistakes, you are going to still be able to build relationships and communicated effectively with the people you want to reach. Remember the information here, and you’ll be able to do it well.

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The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

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    Check out my latest video: Social networking in real life- a great social
    experiment on what social networking online looks like in real life!

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    *What Does Social Networking Look Like In Real LIfe?*

    Jena Kingsley takes the awkwardness of the social sphere and puts it on
    public display. This is a hilarious video, but it raises an interesting
    question… just how authentic are our online interactions, really?

    *View It Here:*

    h/t +Grant Nieddu

    #SocialMedia #funny #ButTrue

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  3. BenAgainstWorld Reply

    hahahaha yes. 1 word. Collab ;)

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    *Ah social Networking; where you get to have hundreds or thousands of
    followers you don’t even know, poke, ask for friendship, post random stuff,
    pose, and so much more, but what if this was done in real life, how would
    it feel or look?*

    *Watch this funny short social experiment about this crazy thing we call
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  5. Andrea Beltrami Reply

    *What Does Social Networking Look Like In Real LIfe?*

    Jena Kingsley takes the awkwardness of the social sphere and puts it on
    public display. This is a hilarious video, but it raises an interesting
    question… just how authentic are our online interactions, really?

    *View It Here:*

    h/t +Grant Nieddu

    #SocialMedia #funny #ButTrue

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  6. rcfrogman Reply

    She’s got real balls for a woman respect right there (y)

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  7. Stephanie Sims Reply

    *What Does Social Networking Look Like In Real LIfe?*

    Jena Kingsley takes the awkwardness of the social sphere and puts it on
    public display. This is a hilarious video, but it raises an interesting
    question… just how authentic are our online interactions, really?

    *View It Here:*

    h/t +Grant Nieddu

    #SocialMedia #funny #ButTrue

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  8. Poundz978 Reply

    “Just do whatever and Ill watch” lol…. awesome experiment …. I tried to
    explain this concept to my friends and family all the time… they dont
    understand ..BUT YOU DO!! THX

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  9. PrankHubTV Reply

    Lmao the last one was so cringe worthy, Jeana glad to see your back!
    Hopefully you stay this time and keep dishing out pranks. Were a huge fan
    of you. You have great potienal.

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  10. Maria Angel Reply

    Did you know that your video just passed at the TV in a show call : VLOG in
    … QUEBEC !!!

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    Hilarious vid! I posted it with attribution on

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    Congrats Tom O’Donnel! You’re gonna love it!

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  13. Lauren Gabrielle Reply

    Hahaha I don’t know how you do it but you commit 1000% and that’s what
    makes it so cringe inducingly awesome

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  14. Paulo Junior Reply

    I’m a social network professional (and also enthusiastic) and found this
    incredible! It is funny and pretty well written too! Congrats, Jena!

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  15. LELA Reply

    You are so naturally funny.. I’ve watched all of your videos and i’m
    laughing so much i’m crying XD

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  16. wo.OlysqUid Reply

    Also have a plan for making a video about social networking and it’s
    affects on social interation. I love the upbeat humor of this video, There
    are other “warning” videos out there, but they are depressing and punishing
    people for using social networking… That is not the way to get your point
    across. Needs to be fun and uplifting while still making a point. Thank you
    Jena! Fabulous video! If you notice I did give it a thumbs up….o.0

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  17. Relationship Science Reply

    Social networking is out of control these days! But do the things we do
    online make sense in real life? Find out in this hilarious new video –

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  18. Danger Donut Reply

    This was amazing omg. I’m jealous that you can go out talk to people so
    confidently, especially this way. You’re hilarious.

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  19. sufian HA Reply

    You just became my favorite youtuber !!!
    Don’t stop posting videos because they’re AWESOME.

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  20. Sauwmi Herman Reply

    OMG you are amazing!!! This is a great eye opener!! I hope this goes viral.
    Please continue to make videos such as this :) <3

    – your new biggest fan!

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  21. Evangel i Reply

    #FF How would you react if people behaved like this in real life?

    You will be in hysterics with this video..

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  22. Casey Fabre Reply

    Not going to lie there are much better social experiments out there than
    this, there is nothing really out of control with instances displayed here.
    Now if this was about cyberbullying and stalking sure, I see the problem

    And of course the stuff online doesn’t correlate with offline
    socialization, I hate how people think this is groundbreaking or new. Like
    I said there is much better content that other pranksters have put out than
    this snore fest.

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    Poor guys…all thought they were getting hit on. Sad Face!
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  24. toteto Reply

    This channel needs to go viral ASAP!

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  25. Rob Möhlmann Reply

    *Social networking is completely out of control these days*

    Grinzz… :-)

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  26. David Wineberg "David Wineberg" Reply
    58 of 65 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not so much social as business practice, November 30, 2014
    David Wineberg “David Wineberg” (New York, NY USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Guy Kawasaki is a very busy person. He is constantly searching for shareable content, beefing up blog posts, timing tweets and experimenting with online services (especially new ones) that will help him do more with all the above. He recommends using every tool and function social media sites provide, otherwise you will look like an amateur. He says you can (and should) repeat posts, and if people unfollow you, they weren’t right for you anyway. He says if you’re not annoying, you’re not using social media to its fullest.

    His book is a super fast, jam packed tour of his social media life. It has more than a hundred links to pages that expand what he writes about (so it’s best to buy the e-book because they’re not spelled out in print). It is a very userfriendly manual.

    It is also very singleminded. It recommends you give your life to reposting other people’s findings, written and photographic, and keep up the pace indefinitely. That will give you credibility and followers. It’s basically a business. You brand yourself and constantly hype your presence, without also hyping your talents and accomplishments, goals and desires (That would be crass). Ultimately, it seems enormously shallow, robotic and numbing, as all social media has been criticized as both being and promoting. But not to him.

    Kawasaki is as usual, forthright and effervescent. He fears no critics and lives the bold life he recommends. He tells it straight and hard, and you have to take it, because he’s living proof it works. He is that exception we give license to.

    Possibly the wisest among the many wise things in The Art of Social Media, is that “social media guru” is any oxymoron, because nobody really knows how social media works, including the authors. What they do is latch onto every platform and work it, and leverage it. What does well they do more of. The most successful tactic (and most oft repeated direction) is to use graphics. Attach them to every post and tweet you can. Make different sizes of them and use them to draw visitors to your blog post, from as many different social sites as you can. Like movie posters. It’s the old: repetition is the soul of advertising, combined with: a picture is worth a thousand words. How could that possibly be wrong? Ever?

    If you’re willing to take the full plunge, this is the book for it. If not, you can be amazed at how intricate and involved simple social interaction has become.

    David Wineberg


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  27. Michael Munevar Reply
    28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A Strong Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses, December 4, 2014
    Michael Munevar (Carlstadt, NJ United States) –

    This review is from: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (Hardcover)
    In all practicality, it is difficult to find a book that properly addresses a solid social media strategy. Many try to be either all-encompassing or too narrow for everyday use. This book is laid out along 12 chapters and follows a very logical order. Beginning with what your social media footprint should look like to the intricacies of differences between the platforms. Guy offers a plethora of information, in a neatly organized fashion. There is no shortage of advice though, throughout these chapters, there are a whopping 123 different tips for improving your social media presence

    Although mainly a technical book, the author does have his fun, and makes the whole book more readable by spats of comedy... Guy seems to have enough experience with trolls that he tends to refer to them as orifices...

    Let's take a look at some of the great and not so great aspects of this book.

    – Netiquette is observed in many chapters, and is explained for the social networks in question
    – Best practice is provided everywhere in this book
    – Where best practice is a grey area, Guy fills in with his personal experience
    – Lots and lots of links. It's not uncommon to find up to 6 links per page (this is what makes the digital version superior)
    – The section on events is very informational and can be used as a checklist when setting up your own event. It even includes a subsection on how to run your own Google+ "Hangouts on Air" seems to be scratching the surface of how social media will evolve in the near future.
    – Nice section on press releases and tips for success for who chooses to use this strategy
    – Lots of niche advice, (like syndicating in a different language) that you can use
    – A good focus on Pinterest, a social network that I noticed has been overlooked in other books. Also, kudos for including Slideshare where relevant.

    – By far the biggest disappointment is Chapter 6, "How to Get More Followers "is pretty slim as it includes only 2 tips... Definitely felt something was missing here.
    – It's a bit heavy on recommending tools in which Guy has a personal stake. Although he is quite forthcoming when he does this, it doesn't seem like he offsets it enough by giving a plethora of alternatives to his tools.
    – In some circumstances, only Guy's advice is provided, and there are no studies or background evidence to reinforce his point.

    This is a good book for the average Joe. If you've ever wondered how many times you should be tweeting your promotional tweet, or which network is best for selfies, then you've picked the right book.

    This book has a great audience appeal. Whether you are a blogger, journalist or reporter who is interested in the space and how it works, or you are running the social media channel of a small-medium sized company, this book is for you. Even if you are just interested in how to leverage social media for your personal branding, this would also do the trick. There is no doubt, that I, myself as a blogger and manager of Social Media Strategy have benefitted from the advice proposed by Guy, and can now justify how and why I do the things that I do.

    I'd stop short of calling it a definitive guide though. I'd like to see a good book backed up with some solid evidence and case studies of what did and didn't work for medium to larger sized businesses. For the most part, Guy's advice is solid, and makes sense, although from my personal experience, I wouldn't apply that to every social media situation that I find myself in.

    Overall, The Art of Social Media is as good as you'll get to a manual for taming your social media strategy, although bear in mind with all the development that's been going on in the social networks, don't be surprised if this advice becomes obsolete in the next 12-16 months.

    Review written by Michael Munevar. Michael is an eCommerce Specialist, frequent traveler, online marketing pro and passionate about the marriage of business with technology. Find out more at


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