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Comment on Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines by Lawrence R.

Are Yahoo Answers And Other Web 2.0 Communities Eroding Real Knowledge And Scholarship? I am currently reading a book that is called “The Cult of the Amateur”. It is written by an ex silicon valley insider and has an extremely interesting take on the proliferation of amateur advice and information.

He claims that the current web communities that do not put any weight into credentials or fact checking are putting forth an irreparable amount of misinformation. Because there is no accountability on the website none of the rules of good writing or journalism need apply to the writers.

Also the commentary on the news and other events has so overshadowed the actual news and primary pieces of literature that they are losing sales. If the trend continues eventually secondary commentary will actually bankrupt the source of its news.

Personally, do you think that communities for and by amateurs, yahoo answers, wikipedia, blogs, are eroding knowledge, truth, and traditional media sources?
Lawyer – Its not that knowledge disappears but you get a form of fragmentation that erodes peoples feelings of absolute truths. If you read about structuralism then you will get a better feeling for the what the fear is. If everyone is allowed to put forth their own non fact based truth then truth and fact can become relative notions.

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