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Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Below is one of the best articles we have ever read on the subject. It lays everything out nicely, it’s easy to read, and, understand, it touches on all of the key issues, and, best of all, when you have finished reading it, you will definitely know which is a very good direction to take given your circumstances.

Essentials To Good Search Engine Optimization

People create websites usually because they want people in the web community to visit their site. However, it takes more than a web presence to attract site traffic. It is similar to opening a new store in your neighborhood. You can open for your business, but if people do not know about you or cannot find you, they will not come. You can help people find your website by optimizing your website for search engines. If this is new to you, do not worry. It is not hard to learn. This article will explain to you the basics to help you get started.

Search engines look at how web page use keywords to determine where the page should rank against those keywords. The algorithm is very complex and the programmers can change the algorithm at any time. If you have wondered why your web page rank changes without you ever changing anything, this could be the reason. That is why SEO should be something that you continue to do on a routine basis. It it not something that you “set and forget”. SEO continues to evolve, so you have to evolve with it.

You should have a core set of keywords that are the most relevant to your website. These are words that you think people will use when they want do a search on your business industry. Pick the most relevant words for your core because as long as your business focus does not change, those core words and phrases should not change. In addition to your core set, you can have other related words and phrases that are relevant. These words should be evaluated for their relevance periodically, and you should refine this list as you see fit.

Every web page has a title tag in the header section of the HTML code. This title appears at the very top of your browser window. It is also the title of your entry in a list of search results if it is ranked. Search engines put extra weight in the title tag when determining how relevant the page is to that word. So, your page title should be at least one good keyword in it.

The same can be said about the description meta tag that is also found in the header section of your page. The text that you put in the description tag is display right below the title in the search result entry. So, when a web user scans through the list of search results that he gets back, he will have to decide whether or not your web page is worth his time to visit just by looking at the title and description. It behooves you to write good content for these two tags because it has direct effect on your site traffic.

There are just a few basic point on SEO, but there is a lot more to be learned. Try these tips in your own website, and you should see a positive change in your page rank.

You can never have too much information about such an important issue. Do you agree? Are you feeling better informed about the options you have? When all around you are scratching their heads, it’s a great feeling to have clear vision and know which direction you are heading.

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    • Rose U
    • December 6, 2013

    How Often Do I Need To Submit My Site To The Major Search Engines? How often do I need to submit my site to the major search engines? I keep seeing ads that promise to submit my website to thousands of search engines each month for around $20. Is it worth it?

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      Definitely no?
      one time page submission in search engine is enough. it will be indexed there permanently.

      so if they say they will bring your website in top ten result of every search engine, then they are fraud. because

      optimization starts from your page source, keywords used in your page, and your niche.

      sometimes paid seo will be good comparing to own optimization.

      for more clearance contact me thru mail

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    • Ali Y
    • December 7, 2013

    How Do I Get My Websight To Pull Up Under Search Engines? I created my websight and it is able to be searched through various search engines, but the title comes up “index of//” instead of the websight title. What do I do to get it to come up as the title?

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      In your coding you need to change the title of the pages. You also need to have keywords designated for the site. You must submit your site to the search engines manually or pay someone to do it for you. The “index of” is a basic listing. It can become very complicated to have your site get up high in the numbers and be a top 10 position. You can also get software that will submit your website to the search engines. It can become very costly. I do this for my clients all day long.

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    • Tristique
    • January 4, 2014

    How To Get High Listings On The Search Engines Without Paying? My website has keywords and description in the code. However, I still have very low listings on the search engines. Most of the sites that are higher then mine don’t really address the search word better than my site does. Does high ratings equate payment for that service…or can it be achieved without having to pay the search engines?

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      This is an answer I wrote about 12 months ago, things may have changed slightly but a lot will still hold true…

      Several criteria determine the amount of traffic your website gets but by far the most important are to have a good search engine ranking and good links to your site.

      Search engines use a complicated and secret algorithm to determine which sites are placed where in the rankings but there are several tricks you can employ to boost you ranking.

      There’s lots of articles on the net to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but I ignore all of them and do things my way. This seems to work as every site I’ve created ranks within the top 6 on Google even when there’s millions of results found. A site I created less than a week ago is already ranked number 1 by Yahoo and Google.

      These are some of my tips…

      One of the first things a search engine looks at is the title tag of the page. When writing the tag use the same words people are likely to key in when using a search engine. For example, if your page is about space travel then a title such as “Space Travel – Be a Shuttle Rocket Tourist and Journey to the Moon” is much better than “All about flying to the moon and back”. Why? Because the first tag includes words people are likely to use in a search engine such as space, travel, shuttle, rocket, tourist, journey and moon.

      Search engines look at page names. If your domain was then a page name such as will do much better than

      Some search engines including Google support this tag – others don’t.

      Compare a Yahoo search for ‘Black Eyed Peas’ to a Google Search. Both of them find but Yahoo describe it as “… Multi-platinum 2-time Grammy-winners The Black Eyed Peas cross an historic threshold as their hit … The Black Eyed Peas, Sergio Mendes, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and others …”. Google uses the description tag and describes it as “Official site includes videos, message boards, tour dates, and photo gallery. Additional content is available to members.”

      — USE THE ALT TAG —
      Some search engines ignore the alt tag, others include it when spidering your site. Not only that but some visually impaired users and power-surfers who turn off images rely on alt tags.

      Spiders are unable to follow these linking systems. If all your pages are linked using Flash, DHTML or scripts then the spider won’t follow the links and your pages won’t get indexed. If you’re designing your site this way the least you can do it to include conventional text links to the main pages of your site and ideally to a Site Map that contains text links to every page.

      — SPLASH PAGES —
      These are the animated front pages to a site, usually nothing there other than an animation and a ‘Skip Intro’ link. Spiders don’t like Splash and as this is the doorway to your site think carefully before creating one.

      These are pages that exist on a site but are not accessible to the visitor, if someone tries to access the page they are redirected elsewhere. Historically webmasters created such pages and stuffed them full of popular keywords and phrases.

      Spiders have wised up to Doorways and there’s nothing better for getting yourself pushed right down in the rankings or kicked out altogether than use of Doorway Pages.

      — HIDDEN TEXT —
      Some web pages hide text by printing white text on a white background for example. Often such text has nothing at all to do with the site but is just a list of popular words and phrases used to draw people to the site. Spiders can spot tricks like these and will penalise sites that employ such tactics.

      The heading should closely match the page title. You need to format the heading as a Heading Style and not simply use bold and underlined text.

      Include in the text of your page several instances of keywords and phrases people may use in a search engine. Using the space travel example your page should include words such as space, travel, fly, moon, space-tourist and so on. Repeat them frequently but don’t overdo it.

      This is something that’s falling out of favour with search engines. Originally this was a useful tag for ensuring your page contained variants of words, particularly those that are often mis-spelled (e.g. Britney, Britany, Brittany, Spears, Spiers etc). I haven’t used this tag for some time and I’ve heard people say it can be detrimental to search engine rankings.

      Spiders hate these and after finding one or two on your site will leave it. Don’t rely on an E404 page to take visitors to a designated page when the target page is missing.

      You can add your site to appropriate categories in online directories. There’s hundreds of them altogether but the 4 main ones are…

      There’s an extensive list here…

      Google dominates the search engine market, Yahoo and MSN are the other two key players. A lot of the others use Google.

      If you can get your site indexed by these three then you’ve pretty much covered all your bases. Rather than waiting for the spiders to find you it may help to add your site to the submission lists.

      This is the most important factor of all. You need lots of relevant and ‘respected’ pages linking back to yours as each link scores bonus points in the rankings algorithm. The best links are those from trusted sites that are themselves established. For example, if the space travel site has links from NASA, the European Space Agency, ABC News and the like it will give it a serious boost in the rankings. One link from NASA would be worth more than a whole bunch of links from less relevant sites.

      It’s worth taking the time and effort to get links from as many sites as possible. Visit relevant sites and e-mail the webmaster with details of your site.

      Because links are vitally important your site has to be make people want to link to it. I make it a policy to never link to sites that have pop-ups and I’m sure many other people do too.

      — HAVE A GOOD SITE —
      When creating your site think how it’s going to appear to visitors. Bear in mind different people use different browsers and have different connection speeds. A large page might look fantastic to someone with a fast connection will be a real pain to someone with a slow connection. If you need to put advertising on your site then make it relevant and discreet – one thing guaranteed to get someone off your site is to have pop-ups and ‘in yer face’ advertising, can you think of any successful site that employs these tactics?

      If your site is an informative one then make it so visitors can get the information they want quickly – don’t go for Flash intros and complicated menus and use only common fonts, if the font isn’t on a visitors computer their browser will use the default font instead.

      Navigation must be easy with every page having a link back to the homepage and don’t use frames, they’re seriously outdated, users don’t like them and spiders ignore them.

      Avoid cluttering your site, spread it out or onto more pages. Keep the text brief, unless it’s something the visitor wants to read they’ll soon get bored and go off to another site.

      Ignoring porn and all that stuff, the primary use of the internet is for information so make your pages informative. The space travel website could include information about the universe, each of the planets in the solar system, a history of space flight and so on. This will generate a lot more traffic which in turn is likely to lead to more links and ultimately a higher ranking.

      You probably receive e-mails from companies offering to get you higher rankings in the search engines. Their number one concern isn’t your site but their balance sheet, treat them the same as you would with an e-mail for Viagra and hit delete. They do work to an extent but not by doing anything you can’t do for free. Google get e-mails from companies offering to help rank their own site, see what else Google have to say about these companies…

      You pay for these, how much you pay is up to you. If someone enters a search phrase that matches your adwords then your ad is displayed on the results page. If more than one ad matches then they’re displayed in the order of who pays most for their adwords.

      Just tell people about your site and add posts in relevant forums, blogs etc.

      — BE PATIENT —
      In general the longer a site is around the better it does in the search engine rankings, largely because as time passes more and more sites will link to it. If your site relates to a popular subject you may find it ranks low down to start with then climbs steadily in the rankings, it could take years before you have a good ranking.

      — THE END —
      Hope this gives you something to go on and you get the traffic you want.

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    • Courtney
    • January 8, 2014

    How Do You Have Your Webpage Found Through Search Engines? I know this is probably a silly question but a group I am a part of has a website but unless you know the address you will not be about to locate it using search engines. They are considering shutting down the page because of this.

    What needs to be done to make the website accessible? It’s thur GoDaddy and is a site for Stay at home mothers.

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      Well there’s nothing you can do to your own website to make it appear through search engines. It is the search engine’s problem, not your website’s. So you need to search up a specific term in able for your website to appear there. You can try adding words in your website that are more likely to be searched. For example, if you are selling computers, instead of making the title “Plato’s Constructions” make it “Plato Computers” or something.

      If your company doesn’t think your website is popular enough it’s nice to add a hit counter, or a counter of how many people have visited your website.

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    • Lawrence R
    • January 20, 2014

    Are Yahoo Answers And Other Web 2.0 Communities Eroding Real Knowledge And Scholarship? I am currently reading a book that is called “The Cult of the Amateur”. It is written by an ex silicon valley insider and has an extremely interesting take on the proliferation of amateur advice and information.

    He claims that the current web communities that do not put any weight into credentials or fact checking are putting forth an irreparable amount of misinformation. Because there is no accountability on the website none of the rules of good writing or journalism need apply to the writers.

    Also the commentary on the news and other events has so overshadowed the actual news and primary pieces of literature that they are losing sales. If the trend continues eventually secondary commentary will actually bankrupt the source of its news.

    Personally, do you think that communities for and by amateurs, yahoo answers, wikipedia, blogs, are eroding knowledge, truth, and traditional media sources?
    Lawyer – Its not that knowledge disappears but you get a form of fragmentation that erodes peoples feelings of absolute truths. If you read about structuralism then you will get a better feeling for the what the fear is. If everyone is allowed to put forth their own non fact based truth then truth and fact can become relative notions.

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      Knowledge cannot be eroded, merely forgotten, or untapped.

      Good argument for the credentialed, schooled and privileged.

      Begs to ask, “so there is no knowledge that can come from someone without a piece of paper, from another person, saying they know what they are speaking about, and you do not?”

      That said, I dislike talkers who obviously don’t know what they are talking about. In my case if I don’t know, I don’t try to pretend. I ask questions of those who are educated or are doing the thing discussed.

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    • Terrell W
    • January 26, 2014

    What Is The Best Search Engine For The Price When Placeing An Ad? I am looking for a search engine to place my ad for my home business on just cpc ad searches I lose to much money.

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      This site has a permanent website listing basis for you: (Dot) com

      By listing your website details on a search index like this it gets spidered throughout the Internet better increasing your overall website search results in the search engines. People find your site better when they enter a search term.

      Also this site has PERMANENT website listings so you don’t have to update on a regular basis like most other sites. Choose the right category and target your viewers. It always takes some time for the main search engines to update you into their databases. But this is the best way into them. There’s around 750 different categories to choose from to target your website listing. They only charge a small one off fee for a permanent listing. (Dot) com

      You normally get listed in a day or two.

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    • Richard
    • January 26, 2014

    How Do I Get My Google Search Engine Back As My Primary Search Engine? I down loaded this up date and lost my google search engine. I want to enable and continue to use the google seach engine as my primary search engine. How do I do this?

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      Do you use IE or Firefox or Chrome ? well look for the word settings or options or preferences on your browser and in general set google as your primary search engine, ok or save.

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    • Del D
    • February 28, 2014

    Are There Any Web Communities For Web Developers Interested In Entrepreneurial Ventures? I am a web dev and I am also interesting in creating an online entrepreneurial venture. I am looking for communities of like minded individuals to discuss things with. Not coming up with anything good via search engines so I thought I would try here. Please post any links you are aware of below.


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      • Admin
      • February 28, 2014

      You might want to give the following three web hosting forums a go. The first two, are more geared towards Internet Marketing, whilst the last one is towards web hosting.

      All three forums have a Buy/Sell marketplace where a lot of people discuss entrepreneurial ventures of theirs.

      1. Digital Point ( – popularly known as DP
      2. Warrior Forums ( and – popularly know as WF or Warriors
      3. Web Hosting Talk ( – popularly known as WHT

      Good Luck.

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    • Decent Cheater
    • March 22, 2014

    What Is Search Engine Optimization? What is Search Engine Optimization?

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      Search engine optimization (SEO also search optimization) is the process of editing and organizing the content on a webpage or across a website to increase its potential relevance to specific keywords on specific search engines and importantly ensuring that external links to the site are correctly titled and in abundance. This is done with the aim of achieving a higher organic search listing and thus increasing the volume of targeted traffic from search engines.

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    • Lulu
    • April 29, 2014

    What Is Web 2? Well I’m trying to figure out what is really web 2 and what feature does it use? I always hear the name but never sure. hope you can help

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      Web 2.0 is a trend in World Wide Web technology, and web design, a second generation of web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies, which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing among users. The term became notable after the first O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004.[2][3] Although the term suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to any technical specifications, but to changes in the ways software developers and end-users use webs

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    • Musicianband
    • May 14, 2014

    What’s A Good Search Engine? WHat’s the best search engine to rely on with grest features?

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      General Search Engines:

      Alexa Internet (formerly Ask Jeeves)
      Live Search (formerly MSN Search)
      Yahoo! Search

      Try them out for yourself and see which one you like best.

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