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Comment on Proper Search Engine Ettiquette by Vinny.

What Is The Best Value Scuba Diving Program In The World? I would like to start a career in diving. I’m not interested in the amateur diving courses. I’m talking about PADI certification that will allow me to get a job as a diver. I’ve looked at some programs in Thailand that look pretty good. Some of the programs were over 6 months long! That’s no problem with me. I want a program that is very thorough that will give me good employment opportunities when I finish the program. I’ve worked in Thailand before so I’m familiar with the culture and people. The cost of living is pretty low, which would save me lots of money.

Thailand was just one of many places in the world to get PADI certification. I’ve also though Jamaica would be a good option. The cost of living is probably also low in Jamaica, but I haven’t really looked into it.
By the way, I don’t have any scuba experience.

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