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Search Engine Spiders – A Quick Guide

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A Quick Search Engine Optimization Guide

Are you trying to use search engine optimization to get more traffic? If not, it is time to learn a few things about SEO. Go over this article for some helpful information on SEO techniques.

Update your website regularly. Your homepage will rank higher in search results if you add new content on a weekly basis. Your SEO campaign will be more efficient if you always create more content to share on the Internet. You could for instance write some articles at least once a week or create some videos if you are not comfortable with writing. You should never take a break from creating more quality content, if you are getting excellent results with your SEO campaign.

Choose your domain name carefully. Ideally, your domain name should correspond to a strong keywords your visitors are likely to look up when they need information about the kind of products you sell. The name of your brand is a good domain name as long as your brand is easily recognizable. Use strong keywords for the titles of your pages and for your different URLs.

Select the titles of your articles or your videos very carefully. You need to select titles that will make your visitors want to learn more while using strong keywords. If possible, place your keywords toward the beginning of your titles. Use the same strategy for your links. Place a strong keyword that corresponds to the content of the page your link will take visitors to. Avoid using phrases such as ‘click here’ in your links.

Take the time to optimize the content that search engine spiders cannot read. If you have pictures on your pages, add some alt tags to describe these images. If you have some videos, place a title tag above the video and write a short description. You could also add a transcription of your video to add more keywords to your page. If you have Flash or Java Script elements, describe them with a title and a short description.

Organize your website to make navigation easier. You should create a menu so your most important pages are easy to find. Place important links in visible spots, for instance by adding a banner at the top of your page or on the side to draw attention to your latest product page. Each page should have several individual links to more similar pages.

Look for ways to get some quality back-links. You can get back-links by posting your articles to different article directories or editing articles on online encyclopedias and using your links as references. Find some webmasters who need back-links too and offer to exchange links. If you create some excellent articles, you will be able to get other bloggers to feature your content or perhaps send it to online publications.

Follow these different tips to develop your SEO campaign and optimize your website. Remember that SEO trends and strategies can evolve quickly and that it is very important to update your campaign so it remains relevant.

We also want to hear any feedback from you to make our blog better. Leave a comment and tell your friends and family about us! We will make everyone updated about SEO.”

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    • Nilesh747
    • December 8, 2013

    Which Is The Good Institute Offering Search Engine Optimization ,Internet Marketing Courses? I need to know any good institute which offers courses in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing.

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      have you heard about the world internet summit , its a 4 days seminar , they teach you how to market on internet and they are famous and have been arround the world, on end of october they are going to do it in USA , I left a link below for your references , currently they allow you to bring friend or partner for free

      i left a link below for your references

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    • Sarah T
    • December 27, 2013

    What Is A Good, Legitimate Domain Name Registration Website? I need to buy a domain name but I’m unsure of what hosting company is the most trusted. Any tips?

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      • Admin
      • December 27, 2013

      Namecheap or Godaddy have the best prices. Just don’t use them for hosting the site. Go with Dreamhost or Hostgator for that. Here are some promo codes to save you on your hosting:

      Dreamhost Coupons:

      SAVEMONTHLY ($40 off Monthly Hosting Package)
      20OFFHOSTING ($20 Off Hosting Package)
      2DOMFREE (2 Additional Free Domain Names with Signup)
      1IPFORFREE (Get 1 Free Lifetime Unique IP)
      65OFFHOSTING ($65 Off 1 Year Hosting Package)

      Hostgator Coupons:

      SNOWMAN (20% off)
      BOSTON (25$ off)
      HOUSTON ($25 off)
      HGC25 ($9.94 off new hosting)

      Good luck!

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    • Terrell W
    • January 23, 2014

    What Is The Best Search Engine For The Price When Placeing An Ad? I am looking for a search engine to place my ad for my home business on just cpc ad searches I lose to much money.

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      This site has a permanent website listing basis for you: (Dot) com

      By listing your website details on a search index like this it gets spidered throughout the Internet better increasing your overall website search results in the search engines. People find your site better when they enter a search term.

      Also this site has PERMANENT website listings so you don’t have to update on a regular basis like most other sites. Choose the right category and target your viewers. It always takes some time for the main search engines to update you into their databases. But this is the best way into them. There’s around 750 different categories to choose from to target your website listing. They only charge a small one off fee for a permanent listing. (Dot) com

      You normally get listed in a day or two.

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    • Ash
    • March 2, 2014

    What Is Difference Between Search Engine Submission And Search Engine Optimization? Do the above two terms mean the same? I want to know what we do to make a website come in the list of search of any search engine. Is there any submission process than what it is? Please let me know the process that is there in particular to get website listed in search engines viz. Google, Yahoo Alta vista, Listing on, etc. Also provide some tips that can really help me to get the website primarily listed.
    Do the above two terms mean the same? I want to know what we do to make a website come in the list of search of any search engine. Is there any submission process than what it is? Please let me know the process that is there in particular to get website listed in search engines viz. Google, Yahoo Alta vista, Listing on, etc. Also provide some tips that can really help me to get the website primarily listed.

    ****I have already received one answer please provide me more information on the process of submission please. ****

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      Search engine optimization and submission has major difference, optimization means u r going to optimize your website to get good ranking in various search engine result. in optimization process u have to add meta tag, description, and keyword in right form and also write unique and quality content for your webpages.its call on page seo, and in off page seo now u have to submit your website link in other web directory, submit press release, submit article, add url to various search engine, that call off page seo and search engine submission.

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    • ☺BLAHHH☺
    • March 16, 2014

    Search Engines? Can anybody tell me a search engine that is better than Google, Yahoo!,, and live search. I heard about a few on the news a couple of days ago. Thanks

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      By content/topic


      * Alexa Internet
      * (formerly Ask Jeeves)
      * Baidu (Chinese)
      * Exalead (French)
      * Gigablast
      * Google
      * Live Search (formerly MSN Search)
      * Sogou (Chinese)
      * Sohu (Chinese)
      * Wikia Search
      * Yahoo! Search

      Geographical limited scope

      * Accoona, China/US
      * Alleba, Philippines
      * Ansearch, Australia/US/UK/NZ
      * Araby, Middle East
      * Baidu, China
      * Daum, Korea
      *, India
      * Goo (search engine), Japan
      *, Hungary
      *, Slovenia
      * Naver, Korea
      * Onkosh, Middle East
      * Rambler, Russia
      * Rediff, India
      * SAPO, Portugal
      *, Switzerland
      * Sesam, Norway, Sweden
      * Walla!, Israel
      * Yandex, Russia


      * IFACnet


      * Nexis (Lexis Nexis)
      * Thomasnet (United States)


      See also: Enterprise search

      * AskMeNow: S3 – Semantic Search Solution
      * Autonomy: IDOL Server, K2 Enterprise (formerly Verity), Ultraseek (formerly Verity)
      * Dieselpoint: Search & Navigation
      * dtSearch: dtSearch Engine(SDK), dtSearch Web
      * Endeca: Information Access Platform
      * Exalead: exalead one:enterprise
      * Expert System S.p.A.: Cogito
      * Fast Search & Transfer: Enterprise Search Platform (ESP), RetrievalWare (formerly Convera)
      * Funnelback: Funnelback Search
      * ISYS Search Software: ISYS:web, ISYS:sdk
      * Microsoft: SharePoint Search Services
      * Northern Light
      * Open Text: Hummingbird Search Server, Livelink Search
      * Oracle Corporation: Secure Enterprise Search 10g
      * SAP: TREX
      * TeraText: TeraText Suite
      * Vivisimo: Vivisimo Clustering Engine
      * ZyLAB Technologies: ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform

      Search Appliances

      * Google: Google Search Appliance


      Main articles: Job search engine and Employment website
      See also: Category:Job search engines

      * (India)
      * (USA)
      * Craigslist (by city)
      * (Canada)
      * (USA)
      * Incruit (Korea)
      * (USA)
      * (USA)
      * (India)
      * (International)
      * (USA)
      * (USA)


      * WestLaw
      * Lexis (Lexis Nexis)
      * Quicklaw


      * Bioinformatic Harvester
      * Entrez (includes Pubmed)
      * EB-eye EBI’s Search Engine EMBL-EBI’s Search engine
      * GenieKnows
      * GoPubMed (knowledge-based: GO – GeneOntology)
      * Healia
      * MeshPubMed (knowledge-based: MeSH – Medical Subject Headings)
      * Searchmedica
      * WebMD
      * PubGene


      * Google News
      * MagPortal
      * Newslookup
      * Nexis (Lexis Nexis)
      * Yahoo! News


      * InfoSpace
      * Spock – People Search
      * Wink
      * ZoomInfo

      Real property

      * Properazzi
      * Rightmove

      Video Games

      * GenieKnows
      * Wazap

      By information type

      Search engines dedicated to a specific kind of information


      * Omgili


      * Amatomu
      * Bloglines
      * BlogScope
      * IceRocket
      * Sphere
      * Technorati


      See also: Multimedia search

      * blinkx
      * FindSounds
      * Picsearch
      * Podscope
      * SeeqPod
      * Veveo
      * YouTube
      * Pixsta

      Source code

      * Google Code Search
      * JExamples
      * Koders
      * Krugle


      These search engines work across the BitTorrent protocol.

      * Btjunkie
      * Demonoid
      * FlixFlux
      * Isohunt
      * Mininova
      * The Pirate Bay
      * TorrentSpy


      * Nicado
      * TEK


      * Géoportail
      * Google Maps
      * MapQuest
      * Windows Live Maps
      * Yahoo! Maps


      * Google Product Search (formerly Froogle)
      * Kelkoo
      * MSN Shopping
      * MySimon
      * NexTag
      * PriceGrabber
      * PriceRunner
      * ShopWiki
      * Shopzilla (also operates Bizrate)

      Question and answer

      * AskMeNow
      * AskWiki
      * BrainBoost
      * eHow
      * Lexxe
      * Lycos iQ
      * Powerset
      * Windows Live QnA
      * Yahoo! Answers

      By model

      Open source search engines

      * DataparkSearch
      * Egothor
      * Gonzui
      * Grub
      * Ht://dig
      * Isearch
      * Lucene
      * Lemur Toolkit & Indri Search Engine
      * mnoGoSearch
      * Namazu
      * Nutch
      * OpenFTS
      * Sciencenet (for scientific knowledge, based on YaCy technology)
      * Sphinx
      * SWISH-E
      * Terrier Search Engine
      * Wikia Search
      * Xapian
      * YaCy
      * Zettair

      Social search engines

      See also: Social search, Relevance feedback, and Human search engine

      * ChaCha Search
      * Eurekster
      * Rollyo
      * Trexy
      * Wink provides web search by analyzing user contributions such as bookmarks and feedback

      Metasearch engines

      See also: Metasearch engine

      * Brainboost
      * Clusty
      * Dogpile
      * Excite
      * HotBot
      * Ixquick
      * Kayak
      * Krozilo
      * Mamma
      * Metacrawler
      * MetaLib
      * Mobissimo
      * Myriad Search
      * SideStep
      * Turbo10
      * WebCrawler

      Visual search engines

      * Grokker
      * Kartoo
      * Pixsta
      * PubGene


      * Google Groups (formerly Deja News)

      Based on


      * AOL Search
      * CompuServe Search
      * MySpace Search
      * Netscape
      * Ripple


      * AltaVista
      * AlltheWeb
      * GoodSearch
      * Rectifi

      Live Search

      * Tafiti
      * Ms. Dewey

      * Hakia (semantic search)
      * iWon
      * Lycos

      Defunct search engines

      * BRS/Search (now OpenText Livelink ECM Discovery Server)
      * Google Answers
      * Infoseek
      * Inktomi
      * Lotus Magellan
      * (formerly, now Yahoo! Search Marketing)
      * PubSub
      * Singingfish
      * Teoma
      * WiseNut
      * World Wide Web Worm
      * Excite (now a metasearch)
      * WebCrawler (now a metasearch)

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    • Ubuntu L
    • March 18, 2014

    Why Do Domain Names Cost Money? Why can companies charge people for domain names? I know you buy the right to the name but why does it cost money? The websites don’t run on the domain name companies server, so why do they charge for them?
    Who do the domain companys buy the domain names from? If i host a website on my own server, why do i need to pay for the domain name? Could i buy a domain name from the government?

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    1. Reply

      Domain name registeration companies have to charge some amount in order to run their businesses.They are out there to make profits just like any other businesses running coz they have to incurr some costs. The ICANN is responsible in cotrolling the domain names data hence this companies get the domain names from ICANN and this means they have to spend some money.In the real world there is no business without expenses to get more information do some google search about domain names.

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    • GB
    • March 25, 2014

    Sumbit Your Site To A Search Engine!? How to sumbit my site/ store to a search engine? How Often should i sumbit it? And about how long does it take to be on the search engine!? Please serious answers please!!

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    1. Reply

      Different search engines have functionalities that would allow users to submit sites for free. How it usually works is, you would need to browse to the category in which you want your site to appear. There will be a submission link somewhere on that page to let you submit your site. It usually takes a week or two for your site to appear on the search engine though. Once it is submitted, you don’t have to submit again. However, what most search engines do is, they would cache your web page. If you don’t want the search engine to cache your page, you would need to do something on your end to not allow that to happen.

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    • Asghar Paracha SEO
    • April 1, 2014

    What Is The Difference Between Grey And White Hat SEO? What is the difference between Grey and White Hat SEO?

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      White hat seo is using ethical seo techniques to rank your website high in the search engines – techniques which search engines themselves recommend.

      Grey hat techniques are boarder line techniques used to get high rankings – many of the times they are not ethical techniques but the search engines can not really penalize you for this – Lets have a look at an example.

      lets say you have a website and published a couple of articles – Now its no secret that backlinking to these articles on your website will help boost your rankings – however too much backlinking can get you penalized. so you will need to do this moderatly which will take time.

      Now lets have a look at a grey hat technique.

      You publish your articles on ezine article directory or goarticles – Now everyone knows that google or other search engines will not be penalizing such high authority sites as they have much trust.

      To get good exposure for your articles and to push them up to the top of the search engines you can point as many backlinks to these articles as you like without risking a penalty – your article will boost up on the search engines much faster and you dont have any risk attached.

      Building backlinks at such a high pace will get you sandboxed or penalized but not if you are using other sites to point the backlinks to.

      hope this makes sense

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    • Brian
    • April 2, 2014

    Buying And Selling Domain Names? Buying and selling domain names is it a legitamite business? How much could you make, is it worth the online time investment? What tools do you need….the whole nine yards please someone?

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    1. Reply

      Buying and selling domain names is a legitimate business as long as you are not dealing in trademarked names. The domain name industry is reportedly a $2 billion dollar a year business.

      As with any new business venture you will have to do a lot of research before you jump in. Two good places to start are: and

      7mile is Frank Schilling’s blog on the domain name industry. Frank is one of the top domainers in the world owning over 300,000 names. Be sure to check out “Ask Frank a Question” in the archives.

      DNJournal is the probably most respected domain name news magazine on the internet. Filled with current news and trends.

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    • Jamison Lau
    • April 6, 2014

    How Do Search Engine Work? Well i tried searching same keywords at different search engine sites
    why always not exactly same?
    why for example in this website
    i searched this paragraph in google and yahoo…
    Before you jump into a car, you need to know where you’re going. In SEO, you need to know what keywords you are going to optimize for before you start optimizing. Spending a few hours researching keywords can make all the difference in the world.
    …but the site doesn’t appear at the first page of either site

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    1. Reply

      Search engines only do just index what they got from spiders.the spiders or robots are objects that gather information from various websites so it might be depend on engine to engine how they gather information(to process) then they process that information and convert to data(processed information)
      and then store that data in their servers as indexes so whenever the used search a keyword from their site that keywords point out to index that stored on the server and return the data to user. so in that context data is the links or image or video URLS.

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    • Mahsa
    • April 10, 2014

    How Search Engines Exactly Work? Would you let me know how search engines work and how it finds the content of the pages?
    i want to know its algorithm and how it scan the pages to retrieve its related ads or keywords?

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    1. Reply

      Search engines are complex piece of software. To be able to know about a page, you’re right, it has to discover it. This can be done in many ways:
      – see a link from another page
      – by watching logs from proxy servers
      – by using logs if users are using the search engine toolbar

      Now, for the indexing (the part where the keywords are extracted), there is 2 main places:
      – the page itself
      – the pages that are linking to this page

      In the page itself, many things may be used:
      – the title of the page
      – the meta fields (keywords, content, etc.)
      – the body of the page (all keywords, in forms, etc.)

      In other pages:
      – the text that has been used to link to the page (that’s the big thing that Google has introduced in the search engine market with their page rank)

      Gave you some links to learn more, don’t be shy to use search engines to learn more on them!

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    • Anonymous
    • April 27, 2014

    What Is Search Engine Optimization And Whats It Benefits ? How to do search engine optimization for a blog ?

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    1. Reply

      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

      As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

      The acronym “SEOs” can refer to “search engine optimizers,” a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients, and by employees who perform SEO services in-house. Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site and site content, SEO tactics may be incorporated into website development and design. The term “search engine friendly” may be used to describe website designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

      Blogging software is really a simple Content Management System (CMS) that easily adds new pages and integrates them into your site’s navigational structure and linkage.

      Blogs and blog posts are naturally search engine friendly because they are text-rich, link-rich, frequently-updated webpages that use stylesheets or CSS, and have very little extraneous HTML.

      Optimizing a blog is very similar to optimizing a website, and optimizing a blog post similar to optimizing a web page.

      But depending on the blogging service or software you use, the results may look somewhat different.

      If you follow some simple rules for search engine optimization, your blog can rank much higher than static website pages in the search engine results pages.

      Here are the most important rules to follow to get your posts listed for keywords of your choice.

      1. Use your primary keyword in your blog domain
      2. Use your primary key phrase in your blog header tags and the title of your posts
      3. Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post
      4. Use your keywords in the anchor text of links
      5. Make sure search engines can spider your blog easily
      6. Get backlinks from other blogs or websites

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    • Max
    • May 25, 2014

    Suggestions About Domain Names? I want to buy a domain for my website.
    The website will be on buying and selling like Amazon, eBay.
    What would be the domain name?

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    1. Reply

      Don’t trust any cheap service, many of them don’t allow you to have full control on your domain name. If you’re going to buy domain names, is the lowest cost service which is full-featured and really works for you ($9.99). They offer free extras with every domain name:

      Quick Blogcast
      Hosting with Web site builder
      Personalized Email Account
      Starter Web Page For Sale/ Parked Page
      Domain Forwarding
      Domain Masking
      100-Pack Email Forwarding
      Total DNS Control
      Change of Registration
      Status Alerts
      Domain Locking

      As you may know a domain name is just a name, not a real website. If you are going to create your website: 1- Buy a domain name. To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. 2- Buy a web hosting service to provide your online space and enable you to get your website online at your purchased domain name.

      If you want to start your website I recommend purchase your domain and hosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some hosting services offer this gift today.

      As an experienced webmaster I recommend BlueHost service which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 3 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.

      They are a Multi-awarded Web Hosting which offer a Full-featured service only $6.95. You can see their Plan Details accompanied with reliable reviews regarding their service at:

      Here I have copied and pasted its features from their website to view:

      – Free Domain Forever
      – Unlimited Space
      – Unlimited Transfer
      – Host UNLIMITED Domains (Support All Domain Names)
      – 2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts
      – SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats
      – CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
      – Front Page Extensions
      – Free Site Builder
      – 24/7 Superb/Responsive Sales/Support
      – Free Search Engine Submission

      They also offer “Free Site Builder” that helps you build your web pages without difficulty if you are not skilled in using any website creating program. (WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get)

      * This service was awarded “The Best Web Host OF The Year”.
      * If you sign up for this service you will have $75 credits to advertise your website with the google & yahoo search engines for free!
      * You Can Register A Free Domain or Use Your Existing Domains. They Support All Domain Names.

      Other useful links:

      Good Luck!

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