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The Use Of Aminals In Medical Research? I am diong …

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The Use Of Aminals In Medical Research? I am diong a presentation in my Medical Ethics class about animals used in biomedical research. Any suggesitons on additional topics? What I have so far:
I. Intro (ways porople use animals – medical & non medical)
II. Pro’s of using animals in medical research
III. Opinion of Animal Rights Activists
IV. Public Opinion
V. Types of animals used
VI. Medical Advancements made possible by animal research
VII. Ethical guidelines of animal use
VIII. Animal Welfare Act

I also need a bit of help with the comclusion. My positon is that the sue of animals in biomedical research is a very valuable tool, but that ethical guidelines should be adhered to and every precaution should be taken to reduce invasiveness and pain, and to ensure that there are no other alternative models.

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