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Narrow Niche – Keywords are Important

Narrow Niche - Keywords are Important

We will take a look at SEO in the following article. It is a good place to start if you are new to the subject. There is a lot more information available for those that want to make a more detailed study.

Why Are Keywords Important In SEO?

All The Web

When you are planning for the development of your website, you have to know what keywords to use for your content. This may require some research on your part. You can start by brainstorming for some keywords that you are familiar with, but when you have exhausted your own vocabulary, doing additional research can result in more relevant words. This article will talk about the approach you should take with keywords.

High Position

Keyword research is looking for words and phrases that people will most likely use to look for you and business like yours. When you pick up some literature in your business industry, you will notice some industry terms and phrases that may recur over and over again. These would make good possibilities for keywords for your website.

Index Word

There are keyword generating tools that you can find online. Tools from Google and other third party services are available to you without charge. Experiment with them and see what kind of keywords you get back from these tools. Compare them to each other and determine which tool gives you the most relevant terms.

Making A Website

You should choose keywords that are focused on your niche. If you use words and phrases that are widely used or overused, it can get get diluted. If you focus on a narrow niche market, you can create a tighter list of words and your website will have a better chance to be ranked near the top. >
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Keywords should not be overused. You cannot just stuff a web page with keywords and think that the quantity will make your page more relevant. Not only will this method not improve your site rank, but it is a “black hat” strategy that will harm your current standing and may even get your website delisted.

Meta Tags

Use your keywords in the meta title tags and description tags found in the header of your webpage code. Content from these two tags make up your entry when your site is displayed in search results. So, you can see why it is important to write good, compelling content for this limited amount space. Web users will set it and will decide whether or not they should click on your link.


A headline encompasses the core idea of the web page. The headline is coded by the H1 tag in your HTML. So, your most relevant keywords should be uses in the H1 tag. When a search engine crawler sees text in an H1 tag, it will index these words and place more weight on them in relation to your web page.

Narrow Niche - Keywords Important

The rest of the content in your website should incorporate keywords, but only if these words make perfect sense in the flow of your content. You cannot force a keyword to be used if it does not sound right in context. That will do nothing to your page rank.


Starting with the right set of keywords will start you off in the right direction in good SEO. Apply what you have learned and watch your website climb up in rank.

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Do you feel that the information that you have just read satisfies your curiosity about SEO? If so, send us a message of affirmation. However, if you feel that there is a need for improvement, please also let us know where we can add more details. It is our goal to make this site the best resource for SEO. Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

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    • James
    • December 7, 2013

    What Is Diffrence Between Exact Keyword And Broad Keyword Research? Which keyword research is good for our site

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    1. Reply

      Broad match is the default setting when using the Keyword Tool. What broad match means is that any time any part of the keyword shows up in a search phrase, that data gets added to the reported total searches per month.

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    • ~Q'n'A~
    • December 23, 2013

    Would The Catskills In NY Be Considered Of High Or Medium Elevation? I know that the Catskills are a dissected plateau, and plateaus are usually of medium elevation. However, I also know that the Catskills are mountains, which are supposed to have high elevation. Taking both factors into account, along with any additional research, would the Catskills be considered a region of high or low elevation?

    Thanks in advance.

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      • Admin
      • December 23, 2013

      Low to medium
      the mountains are not particularly high

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    • Monica
    • January 13, 2014

    How Can I Find The Best Niche Keywords? Hello guys , i spent hours trying a keyword research using my favorite micro niche finder program ! but i am asking is how can i find what people are looking for (keywords suggestions) i am not asking how can i done the keyword research because i already knew that ! but i want get a brainstorm ideas keywords for what peoples are really search for ?

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    1. Reply

      Google adwords

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    • Yailintorres 0041912
    • February 8, 2014

    Use Your Interview Responses And Additional Research To Write An Essay About The?

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    1. Reply

      About what? Please indicate.. If you are doing the interview responses, then you need to have questions to ask to your subject. Then, take that and apply your research to your interview.. Compare and contrast…

      Good luck!

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    • Medina_yunior
    • March 12, 2014

    Help With Research Paper? Hi I need to do a research project on gangs for my english class. So I was wondering how would you divide the topics to be talk about in the paper???
    Hi my english teacher said we could pick any topic we want so I pick gangs lol. O n I mean like subtopicts like you were doing a person you would do when they were born. Then their education. Then how they got famous n then probably their death. So I’m talking about something like that. O n it has to be atleast 8 pages.

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    1. Reply

      You’re researching paper? Oh, I’m sorry. Why is ENGLISH class doing a paper on gangs? It seems like HISTORY class would be doing a paper on gangs. What do you mean by “divide the topics?” Please add additional details explaining that, so that we can answer your question more thoroughly. The only “dividing” I can think of is when you talk about each gang specifically, or the cities where gangs are located, or something like that.

      EDIT: Oh, ok. I know the show Gangland has a lot of stories like that. I don’t know if you have cable. But, to keep you from waiting for that to come on, I guess the people in the gangs were influenced to join the gang based on peer pressure, or poverty, or because the neighborhood made it the only thing they knew about. A lot of gang members came from well off families, with lots of education, but they just took the wrong turn, and joined the gang. I’m sorry I don’t have 8 pages of material, but I hope that helps.

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    • LibraLady
    • March 23, 2014

    The Use Of Aminals In Medical Research? I am diong a presentation in my Medical Ethics class about animals used in biomedical research. Any suggesitons on additional topics? What I have so far:
    I. Intro (ways porople use animals – medical & non medical)
    II. Pro’s of using animals in medical research
    III. Opinion of Animal Rights Activists
    IV. Public Opinion
    V. Types of animals used
    VI. Medical Advancements made possible by animal research
    VII. Ethical guidelines of animal use
    VIII. Animal Welfare Act

    I also need a bit of help with the comclusion. My positon is that the sue of animals in biomedical research is a very valuable tool, but that ethical guidelines should be adhered to and every precaution should be taken to reduce invasiveness and pain, and to ensure that there are no other alternative models.

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    1. Reply

      While in college I worked as an animal caretaker in the psych research lab at ___ University. I have never had a problem with research of this nature as long as it is beneficial. What I used to think was bad was that many of the experiments were performed over and over for years on lots of different animals for the purpose of teaching psychologists how to do research of this nature. I didn’t understand that even though they knew what the results would be that it was important to teach future researchers how to perform this type of work.

      So the topic could be related to the area of teaching HOW to do the research using live animals. Is there an alternative?

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    • Maria23
    • April 3, 2014

    I’m Doing An Economics Research Paper About My Local Housing Market.? What economic concepts or issues should i incorporate into my research paper?

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    1. Reply

      U could try this idea…Most agree that the price rises over the last few years have been largely caused by the govt artificially increasing demand with the home buyers grant and low interest rates…This has totally stuffed the cheap housing market by encouraging investors to take advantage of the low interest rate, and swoop on anything cheap, because in many cases, homes could be even positively geared..not any more..all the cheap homes have gone, so what if… we keep the grant, for new home buyers, and reduce even further the interest rate for first home buyer, and for maybe one additional home,but, for third, fourth,and every other home , we up the interest rate by 2 percent for each extra home.
      The investor won’t be able to get rid of these homes fast enough!
      This would oviusly reduce the number of homes for rent, but it would also reduce the number seeking to rent because they could now afford to buy.
      It is all about supply and demand, and home affordability.
      The mean price of housing is over 400,000 now, and what average Joe family can afford $700 or$ 800.00 per week for the next 25 or 30 years.
      Also maybe you could suggest in this paper that the interest rate determined at the time of the loan be fixed for the period of the loan. Affordability is calculated at the time of the loan, taking this prevailing interest into account.
      Fluctuations in interest upward, regularly sees hardship for the borrower, and in many cases loss of their hard earned asset.
      The govt does not care because they just sit back and pick up another lot of stamp duty as the property changes hands again…You can only speculate that low and cheap home loans may be the cheese on the trap, that entices you into the lair, so that banks can spring the trap, increase the interest, and then milk you for all they are worth..
      They may have shot themselves in the foot now, because home values are so overinflated to their true value, that banks, when they forclose, may be stuck with an asset that is worth less than the loan, so therefore they really need to do something about interest rates to encourage the home buyer to hang in there, ie reduce his interest back to what it was when he took out the loan???
      The other thing that could be done is to have a serious look at all the perks a home investor( I mean here the landlords), have got…Low interest, negative gearing, depreciation, capital gains,tax benefits for repairs and maintenance.
      , and then high rent because he expects the tenant to cover his costs?????
      Take away some of these extorionate benefits and encourage him to dump these homes back on the market.

      Alas, I do not believe any of this could happen, because so many of our decision makers are sitting in there too as investors and landlords,, going along for the ride!!!

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    • Rory Sox
    • April 12, 2014

    What Is The Best Keyword Research Software? I’m utterly confused at the moment by such software in getting high keywords…

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    1. Reply

      If you are looking for a Keyword Elite review because you are wondering whether or not your Internet-based business will benefit from this, I will help you determine if the software is really worth buying.

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    • Alok.jain
    • April 14, 2014

    Created A Keyword Research Tool, Need Suggestions For Improvement And Help In Testing.? I created a keyword research tool

    it’s abailable at

    I need help on testing it’s functionality and also suggestions to improve this tool (or any other functionality you feel needs to be added.)


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    1. Reply

      Well, first off, misspelled words are something that always get to me, so let me point out a few things. In the Suggested Keywords table, “searches” is spelled “searchs”. And in the short description when you first open the page, “It also suggest some additional words” should say “suggests” with an s.

      Also, I did a search for one phrase and got the results. Then I did another search for a different phrase, but the results didn’t change – they were the results of the first phrase. (That only happened when I hit ENTER to start the search, when I actually clicked the Perform Search button, it worked fine).

      One more thing, I didn’t really look at the website you have this on, but unless it’s a specialized site where it would be obvious what this tool is for, I would give a more detailed description of how it can be useful and what people might use it for.

      Hope this helps!

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    • ProudOfMyCraziness
    • April 17, 2014

    Research Paper: I Am Having Trouble With Length, HELP!? Okay, so i have a paper due monday. I have revised my paper four times and I still need a page and a half to have the proper length. I cannot change the font sizes/margins because the teacher is taking the flashdrive. I am all out of ideas. I have also tried adding sentences and spelling out contractions. I also have no written a conclusion, but i know that won’t be a page and a half. Someone please help me!

    View Comment
    1. Reply

      Without knowing what’s in your research paper, it’s difficult to say.

      But you don’t have a conclusion yet. That’s half a page.

      The other page has to come from additional material. Either additional research or your analysis of the material.

      But basically, you’ve been trying to expand it with little things here and there. You have to include more substance.

      Good luck.

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    • Jesus
    • May 3, 2014

    How Do Scientist Know If Their Research Is Reliable And Important?

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    1. Reply

      Scientists often do not know whether or not their research is important. Sometimes a result in one field – that seems simply interesting – has been found later to be extremely important, sometimes in a different field of science entirely.

      Reliability of any experiment or research depends on many different factors, including the kind of research being done. Some research is much simpler to set up and control, and to repeat with the same results, that is other research.

      There is also the issue if the interpretation of the results. Different people, looking at the same research might interpret the results in a significantly different way. That is one of the exciting things about research – when the discussion starts about what does “X” mean? That give and take often results in new ideas about how to do additional research that will pin down some aspect of the original research and give a better context and foundation on which to make conclusion.

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